"As others see us" is a consideration that has to be constantly borne in mind by everyone who is eager to project a favourable image of one's country in the minds of both foreigners and countrymen. India has a glorious past and was called ‘golden bird' because of its wealth and rich heritage. But with foreign invasions, India lost its glory and became a picture of glaring confusion, disintegrated provinces and social and economic backwardness. After independence there is no doubt that India saw a distinct political advancement on the road of socialism and democracy. However corrupt policies and votebank politics of the present government has not only made our countrymen suffer but also faded the image of India in foreign lands. 

Mission is making a humble effort to bring all like minded people together to form a force to bring about a positive change in the country. We are also trying to consolidate the power of youth of India and channelize their energies to revive our ancient glory. Of course this is not possible without a proper leadership and honest government at the helm. 

Amongst all the present political parties, only the BJP has the capability and vision to take India on galloping progress. A good leadership is something that has become the need of the hour and will be given due importance by all voters as he or she enters the polling booth to cast a vote. The BJP has progressive leaders who easily mould themselves with the times. Equally the leadership of BJP displays a sense of integrity, honesty and commitment to ethical practices and uprightness - all qualities that have become a scarce commodity in present day politics. All these qualities set apart the individuals as well as the party from other parties that are tainted by allegations, corruption charges and misgovernance. At the same time BJP always puts the interest of the nation paramount. 

That BJP has progressive and forward looking outlook is visible in the party's views on the IT Industry as a sunrise industry, which will play a seminal role in changing the fortunes of our nation. Also, in terms of reaching out to the young and tech-savvy population, which has emerged as an important voter constituency, the BJP is the only party which has realised the significance and importance played by social media. The party has taken social media seriously and is reaching out to young generation. The preponderance of BJP on social media is not an entirely spontaneous phenomenon. The sangh too coordinates strategy with several hundred 'volunteers' and tells them what the targets for the day are. 

Mission fully support BJP's views that social media is most democratic and unbiased media and that's how we decided to use it as a tool to support BJP and bring it back to power. Social media can be used for better political outreach and engagement. The social networking sites can be a medium of social reform. We felt that a change can be brought only by optimizing the capabilities of the social networks. Social media has no single owner, nor does it have any influential shareholders. This makes it completely independent of powerful forces. We want to use this social media to garner immense amount of popularity and build public opinion. It is the right channel to awaken a sense of national pride amongst India's youth and acquaint them about India's great culture. Hope we succeed in our mission in educating the people and enabling them to make the right, informed choice. 

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