Press Statement issued by BJP National Spokesperson, Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi

Press Statement issued by BJP National Spokesperson, Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi

Today the UPA government has once again attempted to brazen up the NCTC across states. It is most unfortunate that a minority government at centre wants to control and abuse its powers by imposing such an ill conceived legislation. Government should have the will. Will is required to deal with terrorism and not the NCTC Bill to undermine the constitutional authority of the States.

By dabbling into such controversial areas it is deliberately delaying any decisive and effective fight against the left wing, jehadi and all forms of terrorist activities across India. Non-State actors have a history of fomenting trouble in India. India thus needs a concerted approach against terror. The war against terror must be uninterrupted – it should be uninterruptable. There are some interesting chapters from the recent history which demonstrate the UPA’s soft approach on terror. When the NDA government enacted the Prevention of Terrorism Act the Congress Party opposed the legislation as being anti-minority and not anti-terrorism. The POTA was an effective instrument for investigating and punishing the terrorists but Cong-led UPA abrogated it.

The concept of NCTC is based on the need for integrating all the inputs pertaining to terrorism and analysing them to understand the plans of terrorists, their preparations and find out the identities of terrorists to enable the security forces/police to prevent terrorist attacks, to contain the terrorist attack when it takes place and to adequately respond to terrorist attacks. All political leaders belonging to different parties have supported the need for having a centre "to connect the dots" and strong police and security forces to respond to the terrorist attacks. Though operational responsibilities are given to all counter terrorism bodies world, nowhere in the world are counter terrorism intelligence centres given operational roles. Such bodies only make assessments of threats and assist the operational forces to plan actions and support operations.

Therefore the very basis of NCTC as an intelligence cum operational agency is flawed. The Bharatiya Janata Party demands answers on actions taken by this government in areas like Illegal Arms smuggling into India , hawala routes which finances terror activity, Private communication networks which anti-nationals use to support terrorism. The BJP also demand effective steps be taken to check illegal migration and infiltration. We want to know what this government is doing to extridate terrorists sitting abroad and their sympathizers within India. We believe that NCTC is an effort to hide its own failures to counter terrorism with the existing mechanisms.The National Investigation Agency which this government controls is nothing more than a parrot which intimidates political opposition members.

The conviction rate of all NIA investigations is a testimony to its ill fated existence under the leadership of successive home ministers of the congress governments. A lot can be done by way of executive actions rather than waiting for hundreds of innocents to be murdered. The nation needs an intelligence agency which can collate messages and control intelligence centre where as operation responsibility to counter terrorism have necessary to be with the States. Nowhere in the world are counter terrorism intelligence centre giving the operational rule. Such bodies collates information and makes assessment of threats and assist the operation forces to plan action and support the operational forces. The Left-wing insurgency also needs to be understood and equated with terrorism.
he deaths and mayhem caused by terrorists is on the rise and on comparison study it is found that Naxal have caused greater civilian and security personal deaths. Terrorism and Naxalism are the two sides of the same coin.

Centre needs to assist the State Police for nationwide retraining on scientific lines and weapons upgradation. Let the forces be better trained and equipped to deal with terrorists. Urgent emphasis on cyber security too needs to be brought about through national consensus.
Cyber security is a bigger threat to the nation than all else now. We may be an IT superpower, but when it comes to this, we are nowhere. The Bharatiya Janata Party extends full support to any sincere and effective measures this government takes to counter terrorism, but will definitely oppose any ill conceived and ineffective solution like the NCTC which this government wants to push through. (O.P. KOHLI) Headquarter Incharge

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