Shri Pallam Raju ji

Dear Shri Pallam Raju ji 
 The University of Delhi has decided to introduce a four year 
graduation course from this year. Various delegations of Members of the 
teaching staff of the university have met me and represented their views 
against the switch over to the four-year course. 
 Ordinarily it is the discretion of the academic community to decide 
the duration of its’ course. Many like me would respect the decision of the 
academic community. However, in the present instance I am constrained 
to observed that 
• Adequate and extensive discussion within the university has not 
been held while deciding to switch over to a four year course. 
• Even with regard to the content of the curriculum, the subject has 
not been adequately discussed in the various faculties and 
• The impact of a three years course becoming a four year course in 
terms of the socio-economic realties of India has not been factored. • It has not been discussed why the switch over to the four year 
course is for one university and does not apply to the others 
In view of the above, I am of the opinion that the introduction of this 
course should be defered for same time and extensive discussion be 
held amongst the academic community before switchover decision is 
 With regards 
 Yours Sincerely, 
Dr. M. M. Pallam Raju 
Minister for Human Resource Development 
Shastri Bhawan, C-Wing, 
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road, 
New Delhi-110001 

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