Bharatiya Janata Party National Executive Meeting Panaji (Goa) 8-9 June, 2013

Bharatiya Janata Party National Executive MeetingPanaji (Goa) 8-9 June, 2013 Presidential Address By Shri Rajnath Singh

Friends, we met in the first week of March, at the last executive committee meeting in Delhi. Since then many new develpments have taken place. Some of them were truly sad and unfortunate. The barbaric naxal attack on the Congress Yatra in Chattisgarh shocked the entire nation. After that tragic incident the BJP called off its ‘Jail Bharo Agitation’ in a show of solidarity. At this meeting, I offer my condolences on behalf of the BJP to all political activists, leaders, security personnel and civilians killed in that attack.In the meanwhile few encouraging developments have also taken place. We registered an emphatic victory in the Lok Sabha and assembly by-polls held recently in Gujarat. The BJP wrested all the seats from the Congress party.Our margin of victory also increased. Therefore, I would like to congratulate Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Bhai Modi and the State BJP President extend my gratitude to all the BJP workers and the people of Gujarat who made those victories possible.Friends, we are today assembled in Goa. And while being here,I can’t but help remember the great poet Krishnadas Sama. The 16th century poet Sama not only translated the epics likeMahabharata andRamayana into Konkani and Marathi, but also rendered the Krishna story in a contemporary milieu to inspire us to confront adversity.Goa is also witness to the time when Westren world (Europe) was eagerly looking for the viable routeto reach by the sea to India. One should keep in mind that  be it Spain’s Christopher Columbus or Portugal’s Vasco da Gama, both sought to reach India by travelling in opposite directions. Eventually it was Vasco da Gama who became the first European to chart the best sea route possible to India. Even though Goa remained under Portuguese rule for 450 years and despite being under foreign domination for many years our prosperity was so enticing to the rest of the world that everyone wanted to come over to this land.I firmly believe that during this National Executive meeting in Goa, we shall commit ourselves to take to newser heights of prosperity under the BJP’s leadership. So much so, that anyone in the world should dream ofcoming to India.

Swami VivekanandaThe country is celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. He was the first ever Indian who became the global symbol of India’s emerging youth power. A question may arise that how inspiring a19th century youth icon like Vivekanand would be for youth this 21st century of rapid globalisation? Swami Vivekananda was not only a great thinker, but also a great visionary. Today, as the youth of India is looking forward to reach higher in life   he should also pay special attention to both India and his own future. And in that respect, Swamiji’s words assume all the more relevance.After returning from his historic visit to the US, at his first public meeting in Rameshwaram on January 25, 1897, he said: "She is awakening, this motherland of ours, from her deep long sleep."
Elaborating upon the collective consciousness of India as a nation Swamiji said, “This nation still lives; the raison d'etre is, it still holds to God, to the treasure-house of religion and spirituality'.”
And in the same speech he exhorted the youth of India:“... assimilate what you can learn from every nation, take what is of use to you. But stand on your own feet; hold on to your own spirituality; to your own religion; to your own values.”Today, due to the gross neglect of those core values, our country is on the decline and corruption is visible in every sphere of liferight from politics to the world of sports. We should strive to spread the message given by Swami Vivekananda by reaching out to the people.I would like to suggest the chief ministers of BJP ruled states that life and works of Swami Vivekananda should be included in school curriculum of their states.
Erosion of Institutions Under Congress RuleThe month of June reminds of yet another unfortunate incident in India’s political history which was the imposition of Emergecy in the country in 1975. It was classic example of how the decline in values and the increase in lust for power can inflict a great damage on the country. But June also reminds us the fact as to how a new revolution was begun under Jayprakash Narain’s leadership in 1974. The BJP too played a active role in that revolution through the erstwhile Janasangh. Therefore the month of June is quite significant in India’s political history.
Today the Congress party has once again devalued many institutions in this country. We, therefore, need a new political revolution to avert the imminent multiple crises facing India.Friends, last month the Congress led UPA government completed four years of its second term. And blowing their own trumpet, they released a report card of their “achievements.” But any report card invites critical feedback too to establish the the veracity of its claims. I would like to highlight only four points from the UPA’s four years in power.CAG’s observations on the 2G scam;Supreme Courts observations on the CBI investigations into the Coalgate scam.International credit ratings agencies on the state of the Indian economy;
And the economic growth rate  dipping to its lowest level in a decade which is less than 5 %.These are not mere arguments, but hard facts... This is not logic, but pure Mathematics.And it surprises me that despite the truth coming out, the UPA is resorting to cover up this reality through gimmicks.A striking example of UPA’s efforts at misleading people by making tall promises is their unfulfilled claim to control inflation within 100 days...
I would now like to cite another example from the World Bank’s Global Tracking Framework Report that reveals that India leads the globe in the per capita unavailability of power. The report says that over 300 million in India don’t have access to basic needs like electricity.
The Congress party scarred our Parliamentary democracy by indulging itself in Cash for Vote scam in a desperate bid to get the Indo-US nuclear deal ratified with the support of Samajwadi Party and others in 2008? At that time, the government had claimed that the deal will soon put an end to the ongoing power crisis in the country.
Next month, it will be five years since the signing of the Indo-US nuclear deal. I would like to ask the people of the country have they got any relief from power outages?Mind you, five years is a long time.Yet even then 300 million of our citizens are forced to live in darknessOnce again, Congress’ claim has turned out to be hollow.The Congress, Samajwadi party and all the others who voted in favour of the deal,should now, in all humility, apologise to the nation.
Making fasle promises is not something exclusive to this UPA Government led by Dr. Manmohan Singh but it has been the DNA of all Congress governments in the past as well. Way back in the 1970s Indiraji had given a populist slogan: “Garibi hatao!” (End poverty!). Do we have any less number of poor people in India after nearly four decades? Today, in 2013, in all its eagerness to get the Food Security Bill cleared the Congress that is saying that two-thirds of India are so poor that they need subsidised food. This implies that even after 40 years two-thirds of our population remain so desperately poor that it is unable to feed itself.The Congress party only likes to fool people by making hollow promises. During the Congress’ long rule, the idea of India, Indians and Indianness has been badly hit.But I would like to assure the people of our great nation, if we are given a chance to rule for at least ten years, we will make so much difference that the need for any populist measure like Bharat Nirmaan or Food Security Bill will be reduced to a naught. We will work to restore the image and prestige of our nation globally. You already had a glimpse of that during the NDA regime led by Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
Long History of Congress CorruptionThe Congress has a long history of giving patronage to corruption. And I am not talking of much vaunted episodes of corruption during the time of late Narsimha Rao or late Rajiv Gandhi governments. I would rather like to remind the people of this country that after attaining Independence in 1950 India was rated tenth in the list of the most transparent countries. Pandit Nehru used to often mention about it in his speeches. But it was during the same Pandit Nehru’s rule; the jeep scam involving Krishna Menon came to the limelight. The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report tabled in Parliament castigated Menon but he was made the Defence Minister by Pandit Nehru.  
After that in 1957 the Mundhra scam happened and the then finance minister TT Krishnamachari was first forced to resign but only to bemade a minister again.A series of scams that happened during all these Congress regimes have culminated in India being rated today as one of the most corrupt countries in the world by a Transparency International report. As per the Transparency International list, India is ranked today with countries like Nigeria. Even Pakistan fared better than India on this list.
The Congress has continued its patronage to corruption since India’s independence and it continues to haunt us even today. Now the situation has simply gone out of control.Today what is at stake is not just related to corruption at the centre, but the credibility of our system is also at stake. Therefore, to reinstate public confidence in the system, only a change of government will not be sufficient, but drastic change is required in the entire system. We in the BJP, with our vision, capability and experience, are committed to that goal. And if we get voted to power, we will prove it!
Economy In ShamblesHaving completed nine years under the leadership of an ‘ Economist Prime Minister,’ the Indian economy has so far only been able to achieve two things: 1. Ruining of the splendid growth of the economy unleashed by the NDA regime; and 2. Increase in income disparity within the country.Two data points are good enough to prove my charges against the UPA government.In 2004 when we went out of power, the GDP growth rate was 8.4% and inflation rate was at 3.77%.
According to the recently released statistics by the Central Statistical Organisation (CSO), our growth rate has nowplummeted to even lower than 5%, while rate of inflation continues to remain higher around 7 percent.The CSO has also indicated that in 2012-13, the growth rate of our all important agriculture and manufacturing sector is periliously low at 1.9% and 1%, respectively.
Today, we also know that India’s fiscal deficit is 4.8% while the Current Account Deficit (CAD) is also hovering dangerously at 6.7 percent. Yet the UPA regime chooses to blame “the international economic environment” for this miserable state of our economy. There are certain economies in the world which have been labelled fragile. 
But, here I would like to recall the time when Atalji despite economic sanctions, Kargil war, and the 2001 slowdown managed to maintain an impressive growth trajectory  and transformed the Indian economy as something which could be called ‘Anti Fragile!’By ‘Anti Fragile’ I mean an economy which does not crumble under pressure but takes maximum advantage of the adversities present in the system.
The UPA’s economic mismanagement and corruption have pushed the country to the brink. My charges against the government are not based on some flimsy grounds but I have hard facts to back the argument. 
The UPA government’s biggest mistake was that it dileberately slowed down various big ticket infrastructure projects kick-started by the NDA government. And that had adversely impacted the economic growth and job creation in the country.
Under the UPA, infrastructure projects worth billions of rupees have simply got stuck due to its inability to give clearance. Although, there has been a gradual decline in the order book of infrastructure companies in the recent past but despite that, it collectively stood more 100 billion USD. But this year the state of the infrastructure sector is so pathetic that the total order book of companies in the sector has been reduced to nearly 50 billion USD
It is pertinent to ask how does these numbers affect the common man?So I will simply throw some light on how these numbers make an impact on job sector. According to a McKinsey & Co. report published earlier in January  2013  and used by the Wall Street Journal, if a mere 1% of the GDP is invested in infrastructure, nearly 3.4 million direct and indirect job opportunities are created in the economy. But we in India only invest 4.7% of our GDP in infrastructure, while in our immediate neighbourhood, China proactively spends 8.5% on infrastructure.
It is, therefore, evident that by slowing down infrastructure projects, the UPA government has not only weakened the economy but also deprived millions of our youth of gainful employment!
According to NSSO from 1999 to 2004, over 60.7 million job opportunities were created in the economy, while from 2004 to 2009, merely 2.7 million were added!On the other hand, most of the BJP and NDA ruled states have successfully maintained a steady and higher growth rate and created numerous job opportunities. Meanwhile, disbursal of agricultural loans at 0% interest has helped in setting new records in food production and provided food security to over 90% of the populace in these BJP/NDA ruled states.I think that these figures make it amply clear who is actually contributing to India’s growth.If the BJP-led government is voted to power, then we will once again invest in big infrastructure projects like the Vajpayee government  and provide the economy a much needed boost and  also create the right environment for job creation.
Income DisparityThe misguided economic policies of the UPA government have turned our economy sluggish. Economic disparity has reached to a level where the share of 5% of our populace in the national expenditure has increased to 21.3%. Therefore, it’s only the economic level of 20% people that has changed, while 80% people not only continue to live in deprivation, but even among them there is a large section whose standard of living has simply declined!
The rise in number of billionaires can be a cause celebre only when the number of the marginalised, those languishing below the poverty line, also delines significantly. Yet the irony is that despite having reduced the level of poverty to Rs32 and Rs26 daily, over 30 percent of our citizens continue to live below the poverty line. And this disparity in income is a big challenge before our Nation.
As the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has rightly pointed out in a reportthat increasing economic disparity is dangerous as it could lead to civil unrest in the country.The present dispensation could make hollow claims of development through clever statistics but the situation on the ground is gloomy as there is no glimmer of hope for the common man.
Prosperity and happiness are not mere words for the BJP but a combination of factors which includes regular jobs for millions of unemployed youth, regular income, self-respect and a deep sense of satisfaction in the people of the country. I am firmly of the opinion that it is only possible through proper job creation, and not just by providing doles a few days in a year.The Congress does not have an economic philosophy of its own. It started out by aping the socialist ways of the erstwhile USSR during the Nehru regime. Then Narsimha Rao or Manmohan Singh governments found inspiration in the American capitalist  model which stoked unbridled consumerism in the country.Communism ended with disintegration of Soviet Union towards the last decade of the 20th century. In China, the Communist government gave Communism a quiet burial. Modern China has nothing to do with the ideas of Communism as it has welcomed capitalism and MNCs with open arms. The US today has become unstable due to slower growth it leaves little scope for unabashed  capitalism to lead the global growth engine in the 21st century.I firmly believe that Communism as an ideology is almost dead, capitalism is also choking. In both these economic arrangements the problem is the inability to give society the freedom from hardship and give the people of all sections their respective due. India needs an alternate model unlike the Communist or Capitalist model. The Indian model of growth should be inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's ideas ofSwadeshi and Sarvodaya. Even in modern India these ideas have significance. The co-operative movement started from Anand in Gujarat has helped India attain new heights in milk production. If we create similar farmer cooperative committees at the block leveland encourage them to operate on commercial level it will certainly help in liberating the people of India from hunger.  It will also help usin becoming the food capital of the world. Any model for progress is meaningless unless it provides avenuves to people to come out of poverty and deprivation.Our Nationcan only progress when people arehappy. The model for development should be holistic in approach. Any social and political problem in this country willthen be easily resolved.Therefore, if our government is voted to power, our motto will be:Khushali main haq ho sabka, pichda rahe na koi tabka!(Let everyone be a part of progress, with none being left behind!)
Naxal IssueThe misguided policies of the government on issues like terrorism and naxalism have assumed such proportions where terrorism has grown manifold due to itsappeasement policy and lack of poilitical will and Naxalism has risen due to the failure of the government on several fronts.Unless there is an integrated approach there will be no permanent soultion to boththe problems. If even after ruling for 56 years out of the 66 years since Independence,theresource rich areas of the country are under the influence of Naxalism, the policies of the Congress are directly responsible for it. The biggest problem is that the Congress and Left parties have made huge mistakes by protecting people who believe in an extremist ideology and violent activities.We have to understand the difference between naxalism and the extremist Maoists. While Naxalism started in 1967 as a movement by peasants against land owners,it was soon turned by some Leftist intellectuals into a violent Maoist movement where power could only be attained through the barrel of a gun. While doing that they paintedsuch a romantic image of Naxalism,where it was made to look like autopian ideologywhichcould provide a simple solution for all problems facing the poor.
TodayNaxalism has spread to 16 states and 200 districts of India. Nearly 40% of India is under its influence. According to a credible estimate that the naxalites today nearly 18 thousand recurits and possess more than 20 thousand weapons. They are connected with many dreaded terrorsit organizations. To sympathize with these Naxals is against the national interest.
The congress has done great harm to the democracy and the interest of poor tribals by extending ideological cover to Naxalism. It is appalling that some staunch supporters of naxalism are members in prestigious committees of the Planning Commission and National Advisory Council. Using these forums they have made the government a medium to sow seeds of discord and discontentment against the State in the minds of the poor.
The BJP believes in safeguarding the rights of the farmers, labourers and tribals to ensure equitable and harmonious progress.This goal can not be achieved through pursuing any Leftist philosophy but only through the principles propounded by visionaries like Swami Sahajanand Saraswati and the late Datopant Thengadi.
Food SecurityThese days theCongress is making baseless allegations that the law providing food security for two third of the population has been blocked by us. Firstly, the Congress has to  admit its mistake that even after 50 years of one party rule, two thirds of India is still deprived of food security. Whereas the BJP ruled states have been able to provide food security.The BJP ruled Chattisgarh was the first state to enshrine food security into law, and provided not just two thirds but 90% of its populacewith foodgrains at a price lower than what has been proposed by the Centre. Simultaneously Madhya Pradesh,Gujarat and other BJP ruled states have done a commendable job in providing food security to the poor sections of the society.
The BJP is very serious on the issue of food security. During Atalji's time we had initiated this by launching a food security programme through ‘Antyodaya Food Grain Scheme’.In the proposed draftFood Security Bill by the UPA Government we see a lot of objectionable things. Like no importance has been given to the food producing famers in the bill. There is no guarantee of giving the farmer a minimum support price for his yield. In absence of this safety mechanism the famer will be forced to sell his produce in distress. How can food security be ensured without factoring innatural calamities such drought or guaranteeing a minimum support pricefor yield?The issue of Food Security Bill will be taken up separately. Misuse of constitutional InstitutionsThe Supreme Court had ordered the CBI to submit its status report directly to the court which was investigating into the Coal scam worth Rs1.86 lakh crore. But the UPA government armtwsited the CBI not only to share its report with the PMO officials and the then law minister but also changed its content.
It is now evident that changes weremade in the status report and the SC directives were ignored which was a contempt of court. If the government believed in upholding the dignity of the judiciary, it would have atleast shared the original report with it by now.
The UPA government in its tenure has misused every constitutional institutions and post without any hesitation.Be it an investigative agency such as the CBI or a constitutional post such as that of a governor, the Congress has openly politicized these institutions and ignored the opposition.The UPA Government has shown little regard towards the wise consul provided by the opposition. Recentlly Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Smt. Sushma Swaraj and Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Shri Arun Jaitley wrote a note of dissent over the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Chairman’s appointment but the simply ignored it.Even earlier the opposition has shown its disapproval towards the appointment of the CVC and governors, but the UPA just turned a deaf ear to it. In Indian democracy the the Congress party has always functioned in an arbitrary manner. The UPA neither has the political experience to take the opposition into confidence nor the ability to avoid confrontation.
TelanganaThe situation in the Telengana region of Andhra Pradesh is quite grim. For a very long time Telangana has not got its due. During my last tenure as the president of BJP in 2006 I had announced that we would carve out a separate state of Telengana. I would like to reiterate our party’s commitment that if we come to power in the next Lok Sabha elections, we will ensure the creation of Telangana. We created the states of Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and Chattisgarh in the year 2000 and this time the BJP will make Telengana a reality.
North EastThese days the North Eastern States seem to have become a playground for the extremist forces. Illegal immigration from Bangladeshhas become a big threat.An effective policy needs to be formulated to resolve impending problems in the region.  The BJP believes that by tapping the unique human resources and available natural resources a new direction could be given to development in the region.
Neighbourhood and Our Foreign PolicyEver since the UPA government has come to power, India’s foreign policy has become disoriented and ineffective. The UPA government’s foreign policyis so weak that it is not only large countries like China, but even smaller countries like Maldives giving India a hard time.
ChinaThe way Chinese troops intruded deep inside the Daulat Beg Oldie sector in the Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir in April and stayed there illegally is a sure sign that the UPA has failed in pursuing India’s diplomacy and defence.
The case of illegal occupation of Indian territory by Chinese forces was presented as some routine incident by the UPA Government.  But when the Chinese soldiers withdrew,they immediately claimed a huge diplomatic victory. There are media reports that the UPA Government has made some secret deal with China. If these reports are incorrect then why the bunkers build for the safety of our soldiers near the LAC close to Chumar Valley in Jammu &Kashmir have been dismantled?Why the traditional sheperds living living close to the border of India-China are being told  to avoid grazing their livestock on their very own soil?
China presence in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) areas of Gilgit and Baltistan is a cause of concern for us.  If China is serious about improving bilateral ties with India it should remove its forces from the PoK. The UPA has maintained complete silence on this issue whereas the Indian Parliament has recently passed a resolution claming PoK as its own territory.
India and China's defence capacities have no match.  While our defence budget is $36 billion China's defence budget is at a staggering $112 billion. We have to be mindful of the fact as to how belligerant China has become in cyber warfare and about its place in space race. We cannot turn a blind eye to militarization of the Tibetan Autonomous Region: 58,000km roads, railway connectivity up to Lhasa, five airbases and a nuclear missile base.
The manner in which China is exerting pressure on Vietnam in the South China Sea it clearly reveals strong arm tacticts to tilt the balance of power not just along the borders of India, but in the Asia-Pacific region as well.Therefore, we believe that under UPA rule the strategic and economic rights of India are being compromised daily.
Human Rights Violations in TibetIn past few months hundreds of Buddhist monks have committed self-immolation in protest against the violation of human rights by China in Tibet. Tibet is not only a region sharing borders with India, but also the biggest center of Buddhism. India cannot remain insensitive to the atrocities being committed on the Buddhist monks in Tibet as we share a long history of cultural affinity with this region.
PakistanThe BJP welcomes the victory of Shri Nawaz Sharif in the recently held general elections in Pakistan. Democracy gaining strength in Pakistan, guarantees peace in the South Asian region.
The BJP welcomes Shri Nawaz Sharif’s statement, but we are cautiously optimistic. I am sounding caution because historically speaking the ties between Indian and Pakistan have become so entangled that to untangle them requires not just words, but also some concrete action. Pakistan's new government will have to ensure that its peace initiatives do not fail due to the presence of extremist elements on its own soil.Recently the Home Minister has made a statement that Pakistan’s intelligence agency the ISI was actively involved in misguiding Sikh youth to take up terrorist activities. If Pakistan wants to improve relations with India such activtities should stopped immediately.
Pakistan’s surrender of its Gwadar Naval base to China, setting up two new nuclear reactors with China’s help and a rapid increase in its missile capabilites are some as some troubling aspects. Pakistan will have to be sincere in addressing our concerns.
The UPA government shouldnot turn a blind eye on the inhumane attrocities being commited on the Hindu and Sikh minorities living in Pakistan. The government should provide visas to Sikh and Hindu refugees arriving from Pakistan, andif they want citizenship then we should definitely think about it in a sympathetic manner. It is so saddening that the Congress government, whichremainsso stingy in extending visas toPakistani Sikhs and Hindus, has no problem in turning the illegal migrants from Bangladesh into a vote bank.
AfghanistanThe NATO forces will withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014 and the BJP remainsconcerned about its consequences. The UPA government should actively cooperate in rebuilding Afghanistan and also draw-up an effective security strategy post 2014.
Historically speaking, the Indian Subcontinent has been peaceful only when Kabul and Kandhar have been relatively peaceful. A peaceful and stable Afghanistan is strategically important to India.
NepalIn recent years some contentious issues have cropped up between India and Nepal. That has resulted in differences being created between the two nations. Nepal has become passage of infiltration for terrorist orgnisations into India. The country has also become the transit point for sending fake Indian currency notes, arms and drugs into India.India and Nepal should actively try to address these issues.
Nepal is going through a Constitutional crisis these days. The BJP desires that all political parties of Nepal should find a solution to this crisis and form a durable government which could contunie to maintain the cordial and amicable relations between both the countries.
Sri LankaIn the neighbouring Sri Lanka confusion regarding the ‘Devolution of Powers’ provided by their 13th Constitutional Amendment still continues as the present government of Sri Lanka has gone back on its commitementeven before moving forward.
Since there is no arrangement for a structured dialogue between Sri Lankan Tamils and Sinhalese speaking people even as the harassment of the latter continues unabated, the UPA government should put diplomatic pressure onthe Sri Lankan government to take significant steps towards a lasting and peaceful solution to the Tamil issue.
MyanmarOf late, communal tensions have have been on the rise in Myanmar. Incidents of communal violence between the Buddist and Muslim communities have increased and it has negatively impacted the positive environment build in the country through social and political change.
If there is peace and stability in Myanmar, it will augur well for the North Eastern states by opening new avenues of development between our two countries.
On the one hand the Congress led UPA government's lacklustre performanceinaddressing the economic to foreign policy issues has eroded the prestige of India, and on the other hand the BJP has set newbenchmarksin good governance and development in states ruled by it.
Good Governance and Development in BJP Ruled StatesThe BJPs commitment to good governance and progress is known all over the country. The BJP is the only political party in this country thathas established good governance and expedited growthwherever it has come to power. The BJPs development agenda is not only limited to some specific section of the societybut it also includes the marginalized people. Our state governments bear testimony to that.
GujaratThis National Executive meeting is well aware of the Gujarat’s development model and its performance. The people of Gujarat have reposed their faith in the BJP and its chief minister Shri Narendra Modi. Gujarat`s progress is not only being discussed about at a national level, but alsoon the international arena too.
Madhya PradeshI am happy that today Madhya Pradesh is India’s“No.1 state in terms of its growth rate." Under the leadership of chief minister Shri Shivraj Singh, the government has established new records in the agriculture sector. And now the Madhya Pradesh government has undertaken a programme to provide 24 hours electricity to every village in the state under the ‘Atal Jyoti Yojana.’
Ifirmly believe that just like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh too will also become a state with 24 hours electricity supply.
ChattisgarhFor the past nine-and-a-half years the BJP has been ruling in Chattisgarh. Under the leadership of Dr Raman Singh, Chattisgarh has progressed and found stability. The successful implementation of the Food Security Law in the state has led even the Congress to come up with it’s a Food Security Bill at the national level.
GoaDuring the assembly elections held last year in the state, the people of Goa voted the corrupt Congress regime out of power. Within a year after to power, the BJP, under the leadership of the Shri Manohar Parikkar, has not only provided the much-needed relief to the people but also made Goa a unqiue state in India where petrol is cheaper than diesel.
Chief Minister Shri Manohar Parikar’s ability as an administrator and his impeccable honesty  is known in every nook and corner of the state.Upcoming state assembly elections
In November this year,assembly elections will be held in several states,among which two states, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, have the BJP governments, while the Congress is in power in Rajasthan and Delhi. I am confident that in all the four states the BJP Pradesh units are proactively working with victory in mind.
Wherever our governments are in power, we should highlight our achievements to the people. And where we are in the opposition, we will have to awaken the belief in the hearts of the people that the BJP can perform many times better than the Congress.
The BJP has people’s good wishes to peform a hattrick bothin Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh,while in Rajasthan and Delhi we have to move forward with the determination of victory in our hearts.Recently I got the opportunity to attend many programmes both in Delhi and Rajasthan. In both places the people want to get rid of the Congress regime.
In Rajasthan, political scenario is getting clearer with every passing day as the ‘Suraj Sankalp Yatra’ under the leadership of Shrimati Vasundhara Raje Scindia has successfully caught the popular imagination.
We are equally hopeful about Delhi too. Delhi might not have got full statehood, but the state assembly elections have a great significanceat the national level. And that is why it is soimportant for us to win in the Delhi state assembly elections. We have been out of power in Delhi for 14 years. I am confident that the combined efforts of all our workers shall bring us back to power.
Booth Management and Booth CommitteesIn this election year we not only have to prepare for assembly elections in four states, but also for the next Lok Sabha elections. Keeping in mind the election management every state should complete the constitution of booth committees at the earliest. If booth committees are firmly in place in all the states then the BJP`s victory in the election is assured.- To set up Booth committees all over the country, a Central Booth Management Committee shall be set up to oversee the data management and operation of all booth committees;- Together with modern technology, traditional methods should also be used for booth management;- I believe that as soon as this national executive is over all office beares will constantly review the progress of this important assignment.- Efforts should be madeto ensure that booth committee workers are in regular touch with the state and central leaders.
100 Years of Indian CinemaIf we are in Goa the mention of Indian cinema is inevitable in this centenary year. Every year Goa hosts the International Film Festival. It was the NDA government that took the decision to make Goa as the permanent venue for the India International Film Festival. In 1913, Dada Sahab Phalke made the first Indian feature film Raja Harishchandra. On this occasion we all express our deepest gratitude to Dada Saheb Phalke.
Cinema has a deepimpact on the Indian society, especially on its youth. The Indian filmmakers and artistes have contributed immensely to the world of national as well as international entertainment. In this 100th year of Indian cinema I would also like to request the celebrities related to the film industry that keeping in mind the effect they have on societythey should contribute to uphold the values in society.
YouthIndia has the largest youth population in the world and they want to see their country at the top in the 21st century. Today this aspiration of our youth is bestenshrined in two words: globalization and the social media. Social media is in itself one of the biggest driving forces of globalization. In today’s world,its importance has surpassed social and national boundaries. The National Executive meeting will deliberate upon how social media can be effectively harnessed to connect with the youth.
WomenIndian women today women are making an all out effort towards attaining new heights as well as to assert their rightful place in the society. The BJP has always played an effective role in women empowerment. We are the only political party in India to give one-third reservation to the women in our organization.
In the last few months, many incidents of atrocities against women have come to light. Those problems can just not be addressed by merely changing the law, but by also working to change the mindset of the people and the social arrangement. The BJP will include this in its political campaign.
60 Years of Dr Mukherjee’sSacrificeAnother point that I would like to highlight is the sacrifice that our founder Dr Syama Prasad Mukherjee made for the unity and integrity of India. Coming June 23 will mark 60 years of his sacrifice. On this occasion, we pledge to stand by the ideology of Dr Mukherjee which was dedicated to maintain India’s national integrity.
BJP’S ‘Aahwahan’From our perspective as a political party,of late, there has not been much of good news for us. We did not succeed as much as we had hopedin the Karnataka assembly elections. We will introspect and march ahead in the preprations for coming elections.
Our friends in the Congress are claiming that our defeat in Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka has paved their way to victory in the Lok Sabha.I accept our defeat in those three states in all humility. But in the same context, I would like to remind all our workers of a famous incident from world history.
During the World War II, Germany easily defeated Poland, Austria and then on June 10, 1940, France too surrendered. Filled with a newfoundconfidence, the German war machinery mounted a campaign to defeat Britain. On June 18, 1940, Winston Churchill gave his historic speech where he called upon his people not to lose their confidence despite the adverse circumstances and to show the world that theywould be the final and ultimate victors of the war so that even if the British commonwealth survived for a thousand years, it would be said “Thiswas their finest hour.” The outcome of the war is known to the world.
I would like to assure the BJP wokers today that though we might have lost in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Karnataka due to the certain circumstances, but we are committed to emerge as the final and ultimate victors. The BJP has to win this war in such a way so that when India`s history is written Winston Churchill`s quote stands true for us as well: "This was their finest hour”In the end, I would like to exhort the BJP cadres to strive for decisive victory in the next elections.

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