Letter by BJP National General Secretary, Shri Ananth Kumar to Shri Ram Jethmalani

The Central Parliamentary Board of the Bharatiya Janata Party on 26thNovember, 2012 had issued a show cause notice to you calling upon you to reply within ten days as to why disciplinary action should not be taken against you for the allegations mentioned in the show cause notice.  The time limit of ten days granted to you in the show cause notice was extended by an e-mail message sent to you by the President BJP’s office on 5th December, 2012 wherein a further period of twenty days was granted to you.

On 4th December 2012 you had written to the Party wherein you raised several questions but did not directly answer the show cause notice.  You had made several false allegations against the functionaries of the Party.  You have raised some irrelevant issues relating to the Police Commissioner of Delhi which do not relate to the Party at all.  You had also written on 26th Novembe,2012 to the Party President almost on the same lines.

The Parliamntary Board of the Party met on 27th May, 2013 under the presidentship of Shri Rajnath Singh, President, BJP.  After going through all your replies and other communications the Board was of the opinion that you have failed to show any cause with regard to the charges made against you in the show cause notice.  You have failed to respond to the charge of making statements embarrassing to the Party.  You have further failed to show any sufficient cause with regard to the allegations made by you against the Leaders of Opposition in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.  You have again failed to show any sufficient cause for challenging the authority and legitimacy of the Party by stating that the Party has no guts to take action against you.  The Central Parliamentary Board after considering all your replies, responses and letters was of the unanimous opinion that you have indulged in a breach of discipline. The Parliamentary Board, therefore, decided to expel you for a period of six years from the primary membership of the Party.

You may note that on 6th May, 2013 you defied the whip of the Party by not voting for  the election  of the Members of the Committee on Public Undertakings.  The above action is without prejudice to any action that may be initiated against you under Tenth Schedule of the Constitution.

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