Match Fixing Controversy or a Deliberate Attempt By UPA Government To Divert Attention Of Nation From Its Scam and Corruption

Match Fixing Controversy or a Deliberate Attempt By UPA Government To Divert Attention Of Nation From Its Scam and Corruption


The gentleman game Cricket is like a religion in India and every citizen is very pious in practicing it. Whether it is school, office, bus stop, market, malls, city or villages every where the people are worshiping the cricketers. There are diehard fans in every age group. The students bunk there school and some people skip the office, just to watch match. Even I at the age of twelve bunked the classes and watched the matches in nearby Air Force mess. At that time Kapil Dev, Mohammad Azaharuddin, Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri were delight to watch. But one day the news flashed that Mohammad Azaharuddin and Ajay Jadeja were involved in match fixing and they were sacked. Since then I stopped watching because I couldn't believe that my role models have auctioned the pride of nation. Although still I am a diehard fan of the game.

Once again the match fixing controversy has shocked the nation. The nation feel betrayed by their role models. Every person are discussing the match fixing issue. The issue of corruption of UPA government, the Rail gate and Coalgate scam are lying low in media. Even nobody are bothered to speak about it neither the media nor the political parties. I would like to question the timing of  Police in IPL match fixing issue. According to Delhi Police they didn't arrest the three players of Rajasthan Royals earlier because they were waiting for evidence against these players. But the question arises why didn't they arrest the kingpin Sunil Dubai and Sanjay Jaipur even their name occurred in the telephonic conversation which was being tapped. The kingpin escaped with the help of Vindoo Dara Singh another accused in the case.

As the match fixing controversy has gained momentum so the tussle between Mumbai Police and Delhi Police is growing. I doubt the credentials of Mumbai Police that they won't be able to arrest the real kingpin because they are not even ready to share the details obtained from Sreesanth laptop and Ipad with Delhi Police.

Suddenly the controversy has raised to such an extent that people are wondering that wheter it is a well orchestrated move by the political bigwigs of UPA government and Congress party to divert the attention of nation from the comments of Supreme court on CBI and the railgate-coalgate scam which has embarrassed the whole nation. Well let's hope the nation will not forgive the government for its scam in the forthcoming elections. Also the nation should give a befitting reply to Congress party for giving ticket to sacked Indian Captain Mohammad Azharuddin involved in match fixing. The way Azhar was given ticket and elected to Loksabha and everybody accepted his candidature may also be one of the reason that young cricketers might have thought that " Sab Kuch Chalta Hai, phasenge to kya congress party ke MP to banenge".  


Ghanshyam, Bhubneshwar


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