Press Statement issued by BJP National Spokesperson and MP, Shri Prakash Javadekar

Instead of blaming others Congress should blame itself for non-passage of Food Security Bill. It is the callous and casual approach of the Congress towards the poor, which has resulted in a half hearted bill.If Congress has real concern for the poor it should emulate the Chhattisgarh Food Security Act, which ensures more coverage, more food grains and less cost to the poor.


The proposed Food Security Bill of the UPA Government covers only 67% of the population thereby increasing the risk of exclusion and inclusion error. The Chhattisgarh Act covers 90% of the population and excludes only Income Tax payers and big land holders.
While the UPA bill gives only 5Kg per person for the APL category whereas the Chhattisgarh Act gives 7Kg per person universally. Chhattisgarh Act gives Rice at Rs 1 per Kg while the proposed UPA bill has put a price of Rs 3 for Rice. Chhattisgarh Act takes care of nutrition by providing pulses and iodised salt to the needy, while proposed UPA bill only talks about cereals.The second leg of the budget session was wasted because of the adamancy of the Congress.

 Not only BJP but the entire opposition along with some supporting parties of the UPA demanded resignation of Mr. Ashwini Kumar and Mr. Pawan Kumar Bansal. Congress refused to listen to this justified demand. Ultimately both had to go. If Congress would have acted in time it would have saved itself from the embarrassment and the session would have transacted the business. 
The Finance Bill was also passed because of the cooperation of the opposition parties.

Thus, it is the Congress, which is responsible for not getting other bills passed.Congress brought the bill only in the 9th year of their rule. This speaks for their sincerity and sense of purpose. There are several issues to be discussed in the bill like coverage, cost of the scheme, cost to the consumer, quantity, farm production security, nutrition and concerns expressed by more than 12 states. 

Congress wanted to pass such an important bill in din as it is not ready to face the discussion.The Congress is neither serious nor committed for meaningful poverty alleviation programmes. In 1980s they gave the slogan "Garibi Hatao". Despite this slogan inequality increased and poverty perpetuated. 30yrs after the slogan the country still needs to discuss food security for the poor. This is abject failure of the Congress. The way farm loan waiver scheme has faltered and became a scam is a story in itself. 

The MGNREGA, which was supposed to provide 100 day of employment had developed leakages and ended up with an average of 42 days last year.Congress owes an explanation as to why the poverty remains with present kind of magnitude even after their rule of half a century.


Headquarter Incharge.

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