Jammu and Kashmir: BJP developing cold feet before going along with PDP?

Despite holding threadbare discussions 'informally' with the PDP leaders ahead of holding structured dialogue, BJP seems to have developed a cold feet over the issue of govt. formation in Jammu and Kashmir.

According to the reports, after  showing keen interest and exploring the possibility of forging an alliance with the PDP by focusing on the development plank , BJP is now showing unwillingness to succumb to the 11-point proposal of the PDP.

As per the political grapevine in the recent round of dialogue when PDP  presented 16-point proposal before BJP negotiators, the response they received was not positive as it involved taking a u-turn from its core ideology.

The PDP, according to the inside reports, had demanded written assurances from the BJP on certain sticky points such as Article 370, revocation of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), engaging separatists and initiating dialogue with Pakistan and to maintain status quo on the issue of west Pakistan refugees and keeping the issue of delimitation of Assembly constituencies on the back burner

According to reports, the PDP top brass too has not likened the idea of succumbing to the pressure and agreeing to soft pedal Kashmir centric issues.

From the very beginning PDP has listed out contentious issues on which party was not ready to sold the mandate.

To keep the political constituency in good humour even Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has repeatedly made a statement in front of media that he would not sold the mandate of the people of Kashmir and was ready to make public the common minimum programme before forming the government in the state.

According to BJP leaders who are privy to the political developments, the dialogue between BJP-PDP has reached a crucial stage and now final call would be taken by the Prime Minister Narendra Mod after holding discussions with key leaders of the BJP.

Sources said that both BJP-PDP were expected to forge an alliance ahead of beginning of Budget Session but now it remains to be seen whether the parties would bury their difference and shake hands to form the progressive government in the state.

Courtesy Niti Central



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