UPA has lost right to continue in power : Amit Shah

The scams amount embezzled by the UPA government is more than 120 years of total annual budget spent by J&K government. This startling revelation was made by BJP National General Secretary Amit Shah, while announcing country-wide jail bharo programme to be undertaken by the party from May 27 to June 02 in support of the party’s demand for the resignation of PM for involvement in Coalgate and other scams.

Amit Shah, while addressing a press conference at Jammu on Friday, said that the party has decided to expose the UPA govt. for its corruption and also misgovernance reflecting in foreign policy failure, particularly in relation to Pakistan and China. He said that even in State of Jammu and Kashmir, Congress is supporting Omar Abdullah led govt. inspite of charges of corruption against its senior ministers and bureaucrats. He elaborated that the total amount embezzled through various scams amount to equal to the 120 years budget of this state. He also questioned the Congress Party’s support on the misgoverance of Omar Abdullah led coalition government.

Amit Shah said that the Congress-led UPA has, morally, politically and legally, lost its right to rule the country. Manmohan Singh led UPA has beaten all the past records of corruption. There is a question mark on its working. Even the people who returned this UPA to power with high hopes have themselves lost their faith in it. This government has totally failed on all fronts, be it price rise or corruption, internal security or external. There is widespread resentment among farmers, labourers, employees, businessmen against this government.
All time high price rise is the result of its wrong economic policies. Unchecked corruption is at peak. According to newspapers, CWG, 2G Telecom Scam, Mines Scam, Antrix Devas deal, and the recent coalgate scam involve amount to unimaginary total. The scams are not confined to one or two ministries but such scams have been unearthed in different Ministries. Even Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) is under clouds. Due to such large scale scams, this UPA has achieved the distinction of being the most corrupt government in post-independent India.

Amit Shah further said that it is also serious development that the UPA has been violating all the norms and making attempts to shield the culprits. How it tried to directly interfere in the working of CBI in Coalgate case is known to all. The UPA first tried to cut down CAG powers, then it tried to curtail powers of JPC and PAC.
It also tried to interfere in the working of CBI before submitting report to the Supreme Court. It is most unfortunate that the senior leaders of the Congress are making objectionable comments about Supreme Court. Today, the public want to know from this government as to how much more the country will have to wait for the day when the Prime Minister resigns, he added.

Balbir Ram Rattan

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