PDP-BJP alliance - Delhi Poll result cost BJP its bargaining chip?

It seems like the always-in-controversy State of Jammu & Kashmir will have its new Government soon with PDP and BJP - two largest parties in the State - having almost sorted out the sticky issues over the common minimum programme.

After the State threw a hung Assembly in the elections last year, J&K has been ruled by the Governor. While the reports suggest that the two parties have reached consensus over forming an alliance, the final details of the arrangements are expected by next week.

Article 370 - BJP has campaigned for its repeal while PDP is for its retention. In the past, BJP leaders have suggested that the need for Article 370 should be debated because it promotes separatism.

AFSPA - PDP has asked for the revocation of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), which gives the Army the authority to make arrests without warrants.

Positions in the Government - While the Chief Minister of the State will be PDP leader Mufti Mohammed Saeed, BJP is hopeful of getting the post of deputy chief minister.

Various reports in the past had also indicated that BJP and PDP were working out to form an alliance.


However, the Delhi Poll results may have been a game changer. In the aftermath of BJP’s defeat in Delhi, the BJP may have lost its bargaining chip in Jammu & Kashmir.

The timing - soon after Delhi results - of the consensus on alliance is indicative of the same.

Did BJP wait long in striking a deal? Had the BJP been able to bargain better without waiting till after Delhi results?

In December 2014, in the four-cornered contest for the 87-member house, the voters didn't give a full mandate to any party with PDP winning most of the seats in the Kashmir Valley and BJP in the Jammu region.

Courtesy Niti Central


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