Narendra Modi's Digital Leadership clocks a new milestone

In what further pushes the case for the claim that PM Modi is a world leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is world’s second-most followed politician on Twitter after Barack Obama and also the third most followed in the world leader category behind Obama and the Pope.

PM Modi's personal Twitter handle has just reached the 10 million followers mark, only behind US President Barack Obama. On the world’s largest social networking platform Facebook, he is world's second most popular politician with a fan base of more than 27 million.

A proponent of Digital India and an active social media user PM Modi’s digital goodwill remains at an all-time high. But with it comes all kinds of expectations.

There are new age expectations with the youth of the nation being a significant part of this digital base of Narendra Modi. The youth are getting increasingly involved in politics. This is his strength and also a major challenge, for the youth is impatient.

However, PM Modi seems to be more than ready to take on this challenge head on as he is getting directly involved with youth through the social media platforms.

That the social media played a revolutionary role in Narendra Modi's journey from Gujarat to Delhi is an open secret. During electioneering, through social media, he was able to conveniently spread his message, plans and agenda for development of India.

It is important to note here that according to various estimates, the number of smart phone users in India will grow to 600-700 million in three to four years.

Obama does not have a third campaign to run, but Narendra Modi has many more and the fact that he will have such a large digital base which would be unparalleled in digital history for an active politician (after Obama's second Presidential term ends in early 2017) presents both a challenge and an opportunity.

Whether this unparalleled 1 crore+ Digital Constituency can help PM Modi secure future mandates time alone will tell !


Courtesy Niti Central

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