Delhi Polls - How it turned into a battle

Never before had any election been fought so aggressively, as is the case with elections to Delhi Assembly!

With Congress non-existent, BJP and AAP has put in all that they could in the two-cornered fight. There is no possible poll strategy which has not been experimented with.

The estimates by various surveys were not only on two extremes, but even the same poll agency had quiet appalling differences in their surveys every day.

While BJP put most of its MPs and a few Union Ministers on streets; most of the media houses made AAP's battle their own.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally assured the people of Delhi in many rallies across the State that he will himself serve them; AAP's Chief Kejriwal asked the voters to accept bribes.

While BJP asked AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal 35 questions; Kejriwal kept on challenging for debate.

While BJP attacked Arvind Kejriwal for his misleading promises; AAP attacked Kiran Bedi for not joining AAP but BJP.

While BJP is expecting to add another State in its series of wins since Lok Sabha elections 2014; JDU, RJD, TMC, Congress have ganged with AAP against BJP in Delhi.

While BJP kept on approaching the Election Commission with complaint against AAP every now and then; instead of following EC's instructions, AAP and its chief Kejriwal ignored repeated warnings by EC and decided to take EC to court after elections


Courtesy Niti Central


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