Delhi election- PM Modi promises unprecedented development for Delhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday addressed a mega rally at Delhi's Ambedkar Nagar where he appealed people to vote in record number to ensure formation of a stable BJP Government which could take the national capital to a new height of development.

The Prime Minister, without naming any party, referred to the 15-year misrule of the Congress and the last one year's political mess caused due to theatrics of AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal.

"I have sensed which way the wind is blowing. On February 10 people's decision will be announced and Delhi will see formation of a Government under Kiran ji. We have got a responsibility to take Delhi to a new height of development. We have to undo the mistakes of 16 years," he said.

He also lashed out at poll surveys of certain agencies which have consistently been predicting BJP's defeat, though they proved to be wrong after every election held in the last one year.

"In the last Assembly election, surveys predicted 50 seats for them (AAP) but they ended up with mere 28 seats and failed even to come number 1 party in the election. In the Lok Sabha election, surveys predicted that Modi was set to taste defeat with a margin of over 300000 votes but this also proved to be wrong. 10 tareekh ko doodh ka doodh paani ka paani ho jayega. (On February 10, reality will be known to all)," he said.

Appreciating the huge crowd at the public meeting, he said, "I spoke with my party members, I told them that I was unhappy with something. I asked them why during the Lok Sabha elections, when I was also a contestant, there wasn’t such a crowd like this. I am amazed at the crowds at my rally. It is unprecedented for rallies of any State unit of a political party."

The Prime Minister added, "My politics has only one direction, only one aim, and only one motto – development."

Charting out his vision of development, PM Modi said, "In my view, development means changing the life of the poor. When there's someone sick at home, medicine should be provided. A poor man works hard with honestly and after a long day's work, when he comes back home, there isn’t even enough space for him to stretch his legs and sit properly. Every one deserves a house of their own. I want to change the course of life for the poor."

"The people who claimed to be honest, they have been proved otherwise. What kind of people are they? They preach something and do the completely opposite things. For the 84 riots that happened in the country - should we not have an SIT to probe and get justice for the victims and their families. And when we do, they say we're doing it for the elections. When the prices of petrol and diesel are reduced, they say we're doing it for the elections. No development has taken place in the northeastern India and for the people from there in the last 60 years. We do not want to destroy the lives of the city. This is why I want to urge to you, vote for the BJP on the February 7," he added.

Attacking on AAP's methods of receiving donations (without taking name the party), the Prime Minister said, "Someone called me and asked me the other day, have you also donated money? He said, a website shows you have given a donation to a political party. When I inquired, I came to know that even Mahatma Gandhi has made a donation, also Obama. What kind of people are these?"

Delhi will vote on February 7 to elect a new Assembly and results will be declared on February 10. Elections in the national capital became necessary within little more than a year due to political uncertainty as no party could get clear majority in 2013 Assembly poll.

Courtesy Niti Central


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