Bjp Rsses 5 question to Aam Aadmi Party

New Delhi, 2nd February 2015.   Delhi BJP is contesting Assembly Elections to form a stable Government in Delhi with the objective of its all round development and making Delhi a world class smart city but on the other hand Aam Aadmi Party is trying to mislead the people of Delhi by making false promises and on the basis of rumors. Hence the BJP raises following 5 questions to the AAP and its Convener Shri Arvind Kejriwal. Some of these questions may be old questions but the AAP has not answered to these questions. Hence it is necessary to raise them again and again till they answer.

Today in the BJP office Senior Leader Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman raised 5 Questions of the day and urged AAP leadership to come clear or deny.

Q .1  What is relationship between Shri Kejriwal and convicted, accused, underground and overground Naxals? Convicted Naxals are important members of his party committees, given tickets and are campaigning for his party. Shri Kejriwal should explain this relationship?

Shri Binayak Sen, convicted by court for Naxal activities, is an important member of AAP internal committees 

Shri Sabhysachi Panda and Ms. Soni Sori were given tickets by AAP

Q.2   What is your relationship, Shri Kejriwal,  with private electricity companies that first you give them subsidies by diverting money from SC / ST welfare and then to further deceive Delhi voters, you announce an infructuous audit against them knowing full well the statute limitation that such audit is time barred? Will you explain this special partnership with discoms??

 Q.3   Why are you Shri Kejriwal persistently disrespecting all institutions in the country and after disrespecting courts and Election commission, you have now taken your contempt of democratic institutions to even disrespecting the media?

Shri Aashish Khetan of AAP indulged in a verbal and abusive tirade against a media house anchor who was merely doing her duty of articulating questions asked by people which have been unanswered by AAP? 

Shri Kejriwal himself has been seen on video threatening to jail media people who, in his own prosecution  and judge style, do not  comply with his agenda? 

 Q.4   Why has Shri Kejriwal given a ticket from Okhla constituency to one Shri Amanatullah Khan, who is a known associate of 2008 Delhi and Ahmadabad bomb blasts accused Zia-ur-Rahman, and who himself faces various grave charges in various IPC sections such as 147, 148, 323, 341, 427, 149, 323, 324, 341, 506, 186, etc. 

 Can Shri Kejriwal not contest elections without allying with Naxal and other forces inimical to India's interests? 

 Q.5   Is not Shri Kejriwal a person with anti trader mindset because he purposefully tries to deceive them through advertisements that no VAT raids took place during his regime when truth is 151 raids took place in his 49 day tenure, which when worked out to working days and hours comes out to an average of 3 raids per hour? What is the purpose in willfully deceiving the traders of Delhi? 

 We hope that the Convener of AAP who claims to be honest will answer these questions honestly.


Praveen Shankar Kapoor

 Media Incharge



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