Press Statement by BJP National Spokesperson Dr. Sudhanshu Trivedi

In any democracy governments come and go, as per the will of people. The most important facet of governance and legitimacy is that the integrity of any government must be beyond any doubt. It must have unimpeachable credibility in the eyes of the people in the country, on whose behalf the government serves.

It is absolutely shocking and painful to see the unprecedented scale of serious corruption charges that are facing the present UPA government. In our nation’s young history, at times we have unfortunately witnessed charges of corruption against the central governments - even reaching the high office of the Prime Minister during the tenure of Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi, and Late Shri P.V. Narasimha Rao. However the charges that now confront the UPA under Dr Manmohan Singh have left all previous records far behind.

The unbridled corruption by this government is extreme and all pervasive. We say this with full responsibility and rationale. I invite you to consider the following:

  1. First, Un-imaginable Amounts - The amounts of money which has been siphoned away cannot even be imagined. According to media reports, the total amount of loot in all the scams from CWG (Commonwealth Games), 2G telecom scandal, Foodgrain scam, the Antrix-Devas deal, to the recent Coalgate, is estimated up to the tune of Rs. 550 trillion.
  2. Second, All Pervasive - The extent of involvement is unprecedented. It is not limited to one or two ministries, but corrupt deals are being exposed across numerous ministries and now even the Prime Minister's office is under cloud. This makes the present UPA as the most corrupt government in Independent India.
  3. Third, Blatant Cover-ups - The brazen-ness with which the government is derailing the investigations is a most serious dimension. When something goes wrong, a free and fair enquiry is expected, and in case the enquiry is under cloud, the complainant can go to the courts – this is the due process of law and justice. Yet, the UPA government is arrogantly throwing all norms to the winds, and blatantly trying to subvert due processes to cover up the accused.

The integrity and commitment of government towards the judicial system is the core of democratic system.

It is proven that this government tried to subvert the judicial process in the Supreme Court on the issue of CBI's affidavit in the Coalgate scam. Even more alarming is the fact that this subversion was done with the involvement of Law Ministry & the Prime Minister’s Office. The people of India are now questioning how will such a government ensure a free and fair trial and allow justice to prevail?

So the main issue is not only the charges of corruption for which the guilty must be expeditiously booked. An equal, or even more, important charge against the government is due to its illegal interferences in the due investigation and judicial processes.

The UPA government has not only indulged in rampant corruption but it is desperately trying to cover up its misdeeds, including by transcending the limits of dignity of several esteemed institutions. I invite you to consider the following:

  1. First, they tried to undermine the authority of the CAG, which is part of the executive.
  2. Second, they tried to undermine the authority of Parliamentary committees like PAC & JPC, which are part of the legislative.
  3. Third, in the process of CBI's affidavit in Supreme Court on the status report on coal scam, it is proven that this government tried to infringe and undermine the judicial process.

The UPA government is trying to subvert and undermine the authority of all the three pillars of democracy - the executive, the legislative, and the judiciary.

Now the bigger question is how to restore the confidence of people in the entire establishment of the state which has been severely damaged during this UPA regime. This severe damage cannot be restored by mere resignation of two Ministers. It needs further serious steps and introspection on the part of government.

It is painful that instead of introspection, senior leaders of Congress party are making objectionable remarks about the Supreme Court. They are not sparing even the highest and one of the most respected institutions of the land.  How can healthy democracy survive when the ruling party at the centre is trying to subvert and undermine all democratic institutions that too with involvement of Prime Minister’s Office, and leaders close to the party’s high command?

I would like to ask my friends in Congress - If we are asking for the resignation of a Prime Minister under whose watch our country is going through shameful deterioration of entire system of democratic checks and balances, is this just a habit of BJP?

I would also like an answer from the Congress informing the people of India that when do they think a Prime Minister should resign – How much corruption, and how much damage to the institutions of India, can a Prime Minister be allowed to indulge before he must resign?

The leadership of the Congress party has become so thick skinned and arrogant that they are not only ignoring the views of opposition, public, media but now even the judiciary to cover up their corruption.

The question is not of change of a government. The entire apparatus of the nation and the checks and balances of our democratic system are at stake.

I am here in Hyderabad today, and leaders of our party are visiting all state capitals to bring awareness among our fellow-citizens in the villages, towns, and cities of the country about the extent of damage being done by this UPA government to the democratic fabric of our country.

All of India is today asking this question - How much corruption, and how much damage to the institutions of India, can a Prime Minister be allowed to indulge before he must resign?

Now it is ample clear that this government has lost all the authority to rule this country on all the aspects, be it Moral, Political or Legal.

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