Confident Amit Shah defends Kiran Bedi's induction in the party

"Our agenda is to move from a simple majority to two-third majority. I am confident that Bedi's image of someone who has been fighting against corruption and crime would help," he said.

Launching a scathing attack on Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Admi Party (AAP), Shah said, "Delhi has lost faith in Kejriwal-led AAP. Kejriwal is full of lies and ran away through the back door after becoming the chief minister. AAP said it will never form a political party and will never take the support of Congress, but later took Congress' support to form government in Delhi."

Shah also alleged "they said they will regularise the unauthorised colonies in the Capital, but they didn't. So they have always lied to the people of Delhi and the Delhi has realised it."

Not divided
"Delhi needs a government which could work hand-in-hand with the Centre. Delhi needs a corruption-free government. Delhi needs a government which can feel the pain of people. BJP can only give such government under the leadership of Bedi," Shah said.

He reiterated that Delhi politics is not divided on the basis of economic status of people. "People belonging to almost all the economic strata are in favour of the BJP, by and large, if seen. We are running the election campaign and are not afraid of AAP at," said Shah.

On the plans for Delhi, Shah said, "There are many problems in Delhi that need to be addressed. Traffic, law and order, safety, unauthorised colonies, electricity and water distribution are in a mess. These problems are to be looked at seriously and they should not be used as tool to win the Assembly elections. The BJP wants to tackle these problems after discussing it with the public."


Courtesy Niti Central

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