Media's hostility towards Kiran Bedi is deep-rooted

While Kejriwal has, in one way or another, always been a media darling - whether due to nonsense value or existential compulsions - the new entrant into India's tumultuous politics, Kiran Bedi hasn't enjoyed the same luck. She has never been on the right side of the political movers and shakers ever since she became an IPS officer.

After joining the BJP - media's favourite bogeyman - she has also jumped on the wrong side of the mainstream media. It's been misfortunate for the country that people who really contribute to public life, people who really do their job, are often ridiculed and looked down upon. Motivated, strong- willed people scare a certain section of the society.

This mentality especially plagues Lutyens media and intelligentsia that has so far not just survived, but has thrived on the crumbs thrown by the highly corrupt, successive Congress governments

The moment someone succeeds due to his or her talent and hard work, the ones who survive and thrive on the crumbs and sycophancy begin to get all jittery. People will suddenly expect them to emulate. The public will suddenly begin to question the belief - the belief that has been drilled down multiple generations - that everything happens due to chamchagiri and mutual backscratching, and hard work and dedication is basically, a waste of time and energy.

Media's blatant hostility towards Kiran Bedi has got nothing to do with political beliefs and ideology

it is about perpetuating a certain state of affairs that has been shaken out of its wits by the arrival of the Narendra Modi government. Delhi's elites are feeling threatened. Arvind Kejriwal calling himself "imaandaar" (sincere and righteous) and Kiran Bedi "avsarvadi" (opportunist) isn't just a matter of opinion; it is symptomatic of a rotten intellectual hubris, especially amongst the leftist intelligentsia. Without even blinking, they bestow upon each other highfalutin titles and call the opponents all sorts of names.

A small example of this inveterate conceit: during a heated TV debate going on in the wake of Tarun Tejpal's rape controversy, one of the panellists screamed in extreme frustration, "How can you accuse a journalist who has so far been doing stellar work?"

What sort of "stellar" work has Tarun Tejpal done, aside from sexually assaulting his friend’s daughter who treated him like her father? Aside from orchestrating spurious sting operations using call girls and prostitutes, and using his magazine as the Congress party's mouthpiece and writing a silly novel, what sort of work has he actually done in his life?

The point is, at their own convenience they call each other's work stellar, they become eminences and authorities, and even people like Arnab Goswami of Times Now have the temerity to call themselves "journalists".

This is the status quo that is being jolted when Modi exhorts the people of the country to aspire for greater achievements and excel. This, is the status quo that is shaken out of its roots when a self-made person like Kiran Bedi says that let us not just talk, let us do some actual work.

Actual work? How terrible! What about all the windbaggery we have all been practising for generations? You can't just expect us to do actual work?

If tomorrow someone like Ranjit Sinha who, according to a recent Dainik Jagran report, was working for Moin Qureshi rather than the government that was paying him, enters public life they won't have any problem. No hackles will be raised. No one will be outraged even if the tainted CBI officer joins the untainted AAP. The needle of the moral compass of the media won’t shake even a tad bit.

They are so stupid (or rather, manipulative) that at the time of writing this, a new controversy is erupting - Jayanthi Natrajan, the erstwhile Congress Environment Minister of the "Jayanthi tax" fame, is accusing Rahul Gandhi of forcing her to thwart many big projects and clear many projects favouring certain individuals and businesses, and all the news channels can come up with is a dumb headline "Jayanthi attacks Rahul", as if the biggest victim in this entire affair is the poor Rahul.

But Kiran Bedi? Oh goodness! In 1988 (yes, almost 26 years ago) she lathicharged a group of rougish lawyers and lo and behold! Sizzling controversy served on a platter. Must be raked up with full amplification throughout the day and if possible to stretch, even multiple days. Bloodcurdling prime-time debates must be organised. People must be shouted down or allowed to shout (depends on whether you are supporting the BJP or berating it). By the end of it all, Ranjit Sinha should look like an angel compared to Kiran Bedi. This is our media for you.

Why does the mainstream media, the Lutyen's media, act so partisan? Despite being a contingent of mostly lumpen elements why does the Aam Aadmi Party get so much support from these, what Kanchan Gupta often calls, "the scented bottoms"? Why does a person of the stature of Amartya Sen prefer Rahul Gandhi as the country's PM over Narendra Modi?

For this you need to understand why even Laloo is a media darling and why parties like the SP, JD (U) and the BSP are more tolerable to them compared to the BJP. Once you understand this, you can easily fit the pieces of the puzzle. The BJP raises the bar, and these political entities work overtime to lower the bar. The simplest explanation!

When there is chaos all around, when the bar is set as low as possible, you don't need to excel. You don't need to struggle to survive. You don’t need to prove yourself. All you need to do is perfect the art of omission and commission and you are all set.

You see, this particular section of the intelligentsia needs chaos to survive. There is a tacit, unwritten agreement between this elite class and the chaotic and corrupt parties and they don't cross each other's paths. In fact, they encourage each other. They both feed upon the clueless masses who have neither time nor inclination to rise above their state of ignorance and face the reality and see how generation after generation they are being taken for a ride in the name of pluralism, secularism and phony appeasement policies. The Aam Aadmi Party is just another cog in the machinery of chaos that needs to be oiled and fitted in order to keep the machine of chaos and corruption running.

Courtesy Niti Central

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