S Jaishankar - An expert on China and US diplomacy

Just days after the US President Barack Obama concluded his three-day visit to India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Government appointed India’s Ambassador to the US, S Jaishankar as new Foreign Secretary, replacing Sujatha Singh.

Reports suggest that Jaishankar is seen as the man behind success of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's US visit in September 2014, Barack Obama arriving in India to attend Republic Day parade as chief guest and strengthening of ties between the two countries in the recent months.

According to a Times of India report, Jaishankar's appointment promises sweeping changes to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). In the past six months, no Ambassadorial appointments have been cleared by the Government. The MEA had sent in recommendations but they were not cleared by the PMO, partly because the PM wanted to make the changes at the helm first.

The report also suggests that Jaishankar was frontrunner to become Foreign Secretary in 2013, and was a personal choice of former PM Manmohan Singh. However, Manmohan Singh could not have his way as Sonia Gandhi had the last word with Sujatha Singh's appointment.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Government seems to use S Jaishankar's long experience as India's Ambassador to China.

Speaking exclusively to Niti Central, noted journalist Pushpa Ranjan said that S Jaishankar has spent many years in China as Indian diplomat and is well aware and well informed about what way the Communist nation can benefit or cause harm to India’s interests.

Ranjan added, "He has served for so many years in China as Indian diplomat and has a vast experience of that country's policies towards India. He has also been Indian Ambassador to the US and the recent breakthrough in the stalled civil nuclear deal of India with the US is credited to him. S Jaishankar has played a key role in 2008 civil nuclear deal too."

He further stated that to ensure a growth for India faster than China, Modi Government needed such a person who has a vast experience of both the Chinese and the US diplomacy and S Jaishankar fits in the role very well.

India aims to increase its nuclear energy production to give a boost to country's economic growth for which the support and cooperation from the US is needed. India also needs a top diplomat who is capable in dealing with both the China and the US and Jaishankar is seen most eligible for this job.

Courtesy  Niti Central

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