Narendra Modi encourages girl cadets at NCC parade

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a NCC parade which is a part of Republic Day celebration in New Delhi. However, ahead of his address to NCC cadets, PM Modi had tweeted  "Mind is full of memories of my association with NCC. NCC taught me a lot."

 While addressing cadets, PM Modi said," On 26th January all of you enhanced the pride of India."

Lauding cadets for their immense contribution, PM Modi said, "I am standing in front of a mini-India. Unity in diversity. This is the strength of our Nation. And this is what keeps inspiring us."He also said, " I congratulate each one of you for a magnificent job done by you all. Your hard work and dedication has shown great results."

Remembering days, when he was a NCC cadet, Modi said it was a matter of pride, "Someone from my school was selected to come to Delhi from NCC and we were very proud of him. I am sure people will be proud of you too."

Speaking of NCC as a part of our lives Prime Minister said," When we do a parade, it is our minds that meet not only our steps." While speaking in length about youth power, PM Modi said, "We are blessed that we a youthful nation. Our dreams are young, our energy is young."

Referring on the importance of girls, PM Modi said, "We are seeing girl cadets in large numbers. The parade (on 26th) was dedicated to 'Stree Shakti'. "We must encourage girls as cadet," PM Modi added.

Courtesy Niti Central


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