POTUS and PM Narendra Modi Cite Shah Rukh Khan Line, am Honoured, He Says

US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi today borrowed a famous one-liner from Shah Rukh Khan film "Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge" that has attained cult status among millions in India.
President Obama first quoted the dialogue from the 1995 blockbuster while addressing 2,000 people at Delhi's Siri Fort auditorium, where he talked about his previous visit in 2010 with wife Michelle Obama, and "dancing the Bhangra."

"We were not able to schedule any dance on this visit. Senorita, bade bade deshon mein...you know what I mean," the US president managed, grinning, as his audience cheered delightedly.

Shah Rukh Khan, who originally spoke those words, was also mentioned as President Obama stressed on the importance of religious freedom in India. "Every Indian should celebrate the success of Shah Rukh Khan, Mary Kom and Milkha Singh equally, not by colour of skin or worship," he said.

Later, as the Obamas boarded Air Force One and left for Saudi Arabia this afternoon, PM Modi used the same dialogue in his goodbye tweets.

"Farewell WhiteHouse! Your visit has taken India-USA ties to a new level & opened a new chapter. Wish you a safe journey,"he tweeted.
 "As for the rainy day yesterday, as you yourself said @WhiteHouse today morning, Bade Bade Deshon Mein... :)" he said in another tweet, referring to the Republic Day parade that took place on Monday under a steady drizzle.

President Obama and Michelle Obama were seen holding umbrellas after they arrived to watch the parade at Rajpath.

Shah Rukh Khan responded to the American president's comments in a tweet, "Proud 2 b part of the gender & religion equality speech of Pres. Obama. Sad he couldn't do the Bhangra...next time Chaiyya Chaiyya for sure."

The multiple references to the star and his film caused a minor storm on social media, especially among his fans, and #SRKprideofIndia soon became a trending topic.

"SRK Pride Of India !!!!! Barack Obama Respects SRK, "tweeted Man Agarwal.


Courtesy Niti Central

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