Barack Obama addresses India's Youth

US President Barack Obama, before leaving for Saudi Arabia, addressed a gathering of young Indians where he talked on future of India-US relations, role of youth in development and ensuring a dignified life for every individual.

To connect with youth, Obama said that both India and US  have many things which are common. Both fought against colonial rulers and became free. In the true democracy, people even from humble background can rise to prominence.

"My grandfather was a cook in British Army in Kenya but I got the opportunity in the US to become its President. Similarly, in India a tea seller can become its Prime Minister," he said.

The US President began his speech by saying Namaste, to greet the gathering at south Delhi's Siri Fort Auditorium.

"I bring the friendship and greetings of the American people to the people of India, Dhanyavad. I feel great honour to be the first US president to join you for Republic Day," Obama said.

Underlining the outstanding achievements of India and US in the field of space science, Obama said, "We are one of the few nations who have gone both to the moon and Mars. America has the largest Indian diaspora in the world, they tie us together. India and US not just natural partners, I believe we can be best partners. The world would be safer when our two democracies stand together."

Amid ongoing dispute in the waters of South China sea, Obama said,

"US welcomes greater role for India in Asia Pacific. Freedom of navigation must be upheld and disputes be sorted in peaceful manner.”

Stressing on a dignified place for women in the society, Obama said, "Our world is strongest when we uphold the dignity of all, including that of our women."

Appreciating growing role of women in India in various fields of life, Obama said, "The girl who commanded the Guard of Honour during Republic Day parade, it's a sign of great pride and strength. Nations are more successful when their women are successful. In US we are still working to ensure women get equal opportunities, in India it's the wives and mothers who hold the family together."

Obama will leave for Saudi Arabia later in the day to attend funeral of late King Abdullah.

Courtesy Niti Central


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