Kiran Bedi right to decide CM candidate: Shah

BJP national president broke his silence on Amit Shah's opponents said the statement was being won by the BJP candidate from outside imported.The BJP always Aese people to join the party, have been working with the various sectors that are mastered, BJP's CM candidate Kiran Bedi are an example of this. He decided that the BJP candidate CM Bedi is perfect.

Kiran Bedi Anna movement being soft on the BJP on the issue, he said only that he was not party to the common man. Kiran Bedi praising a skilled and honest image, he said he was a police officer, who had his whole life fighting against corruption. Delhi led by Kiran Bedi claimed victory in the election, he said that the people of Delhi have complete faith in him. Women of Delhi came to believe that their government would environment free of fear for them in Delhi.

Responding to questions from journalists, the party chairman said about the formation of the future government of Jammu and Kashmir, the people of the state have voted best. To a question, he said the future government and PDP party talks is consistent with the Muudhde. The formation of the government is still not on deadline. South of the famous actor Rajinikanth join BJP put an end to speculation that he's linked with every person in the country. Everyone likes his films. Bihar Bihar leaders on tour with the BJP president said that in the absence of Sinha Sinha is married to the house he is busy with it, because he is not here.

Courtesy Niti Central

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