Narendra Modi and the new age Communists

That was the President of Ireland Michael Higgins delivering a speech at the Irish launch of the European Year of Development on the 22nd of Jan 2015. So who was the Irish President referring to when he spoke of a "radical rethinking of economic models"All of us can also with great benefit delve into the critique of the failed paradigm of development expounded by non-Western countries, as analysed, for example, by Vijay Prashad in his book The Poorer Nations. A Possible History of the Global South.

The Irish President further goes on to say that the most powerful Western countries sought, and to some degree, succeeded in undermining international institutions such as the UNCTAD, whose policy framers are known to have been particularly vigorous in their defence of an alternative to the extreme form of neo-liberalism before re-emphasizing Vijay Prashad line of thought There is a new, multipolar world in the throes of emergence. The opportunities are real, opportunities to depart from the biased practices such as those described by Vijay Prashad, in order to deliver a new architecture of legitimate and well-resourced multilateral institutions – based on genuine representativeness, an ability to translate agreed principles into action, and a recognition of the intergenerational nature of our responsibility towards the planet.

Leaving aside all of the jargon, two points standout that are of utmost importance to us in India as we see a convergence between the new age Communists and Green Activism -"an alternative to the extreme form of neo-liberalism" and "responsibility towards the planet".So who is this Vijay Prashad who made it so prominently to a speech by an Irish President ?

What is more interesting however is this blog by Vijay Prashad that appeared on the website of the SFI, the student wing of the Communist Party titled -We cannot defeat the Right by being horrified by it. Patient assessment of its strength and patient work to build our own ranks are both essential. Unities of the popular classes have to be built as the only antidote against the Right. But these unities cannot be built on wishful thinking alone. They require hard work and hard thought. They require the kind of labor unity that could be glimpsed in the nation-wide coal strike and the local stoppages in different sectors; the kind of alignment of women’s groups and agricultural workers' groups against the destruction of rural employment. 

Now of course we were reminded of what "local stoppages in different sectors" really means when Green Peace made news recent days for one of their activists being "offloaded". The said greenpeace activist had been on the wrong side of the law for this which made little news back in 2014. While the circumstances of the "offloading" remain murky what was noteworthy is how the media Left-Libs rallied behind greenpeace activist in this episode even before all the facts in the matter was clearly established. Having failed in the campaign to Stop Modi during the 2014 elections and having lost the popular narrative it seems the Indian Media Left-Liberal has now resigned himself to being reduced to “an useful idiot” of the Far Left Agenda.

Back in September of 2014 in an Op-Ed titled "Narendra Modi and the Leftist Ecosystem" it was pointed out how "Green Activism"was displacing "Riots Activism” to pose the most potent threat to Narendra Modi's development and governance agenda. 

The Leftist NGO-Media complex in India is taking its cue from its International sponsors it would seem going by the manner in which Green Activism has gotten in the way of Governance in recent weeks. From lobbying the Supreme Court to put a spanner on clearances to Projects to drumming up hysteria over Narendra Modi's comments on Climate Change, the Left it seems has found its alternative to 2002 riots activism. There is a clear method to the manner in which this Green Activism will operate. The headline of a report in the Business Standard on likely reinterpretation of the flawed 'Forest Rights Act'legislated by the UPA is a classic example on how green hysteria is being whipped up

The primary players here though are not your garden variety Left-Libs who abound the TV Studio debates' fill up the Op-Ed columns and more recently make up for much of the sanctimonious outrage on Twitter. These Left-Lib pundits are at best armchair activists and paper tigers who can't even identify themselves politically.

The real players in this anti-Modi green-activism are a different lot - far more radical, not scared of scaling walls, vandalizing property and breaking the law. Above all they are not shy of declaring openly where they stand to the Far Left of the political spectrum.

Courtesy Niti Central

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