Why UP Govt. is challenging Varun Gandhi's acquittal and withdrawing cases on terrorists?

Why UP Govt. is challenging Varun Gandhi's acquital and withdrawing cases on terrorists?

 The Uttar Pradesh Government has decided to challenge a Pilibhit court's order that acquited Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Varun Gandhi in two hate speech cases and one vandalism case. The Akhilesh government is withdrawing cases pending against the arrested terrorists of SIMI and IM.

Inspector General of Police for a Special Task Force Ashish Gupta said, “There were two cases of hate speech against Varun lodged during Lok Sabha elections in 2009, whereas another case of vandalism was filed in the same year. Among hate speech cases, one was lodged at the Kotwali police station in Pilibhit, while another was filed at Bharkhera of the same district. In the cases related to hate speech, Varun was acquitted by the court of chief judicial magistrate on February 27 and March 5. In the case relating to vandalism, he was discharged on May 3 by the session’s court."

The Uttar Pradesh government is appealing against the acquittal of Varun Gandhi and the same Akhilesh led government has requested to withdraw cases against SIMI, IM and HUJI terrorists.  

A local court in Uttar Pradesh rejected the state government's plea to withdraw terror cases against two alleged Harkat-ul- Jihadi-al-Islami (HuJI) operatives who were arrested in connection 2007 Gorakhpur blast case

The arrested operatives are Tariq Kasmi and Khalid Mujahid.

Special Sessions Judge (SC/ST) Kalpana Mishra rejected the state government's application to withdraw cases against the two accused.

The state governments had moved the application on Apr 24.

The court said the withdrawal of cases against the two is not possible at this point as the trial is moving towards the end.

Six people were injured in a blast at Golghar crossing in Gorakhpur on May 2007.

The Special Task Force of the Uttar Pradesh Police had arrested the two alleged HuJI operatives with explosives near the Barabanki Railway Station.

This is not the isolated case earlier also Samajwadi Party has defended the terrorists to satisfy their Muslim votebank.The irony is neither the political parties including Congress and BSP nor the Indian media are raising their voice against the anti national policy of Samajwadi Party. Both Mulayam Singh and Akhilesh are suffering from "votebank syndrome", so they are supporting terrorists and are trying to lodge false cases against nationalist like Varun Gandhi. 

Robin Sharma

(Editor Mission BJP)



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