Delhi Polls Live - Shanti Bhushan praises Kiran Bedi

Shanti Bhushan is all praise for Kiran Bedi's anointment as the Chief Ministerial candidate of the BJP in Delhi. Bhushan is regarded as the patriarch of Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). He was an integral part of 2011's India Against Corruption.

'It's a masterstroke by the BJP to pitch her as a candidate because she has been a crusader against corruption just as Arvind (Kejriwal) has, 'Bhushan told ET.

Meanwhile, being ignored by BJP's Chief Ministerial candidate Kiran Bedi has not gone down well with the AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal. Trolling Bedi on Twitter, Kejriwal has been saying that why Kiran Bedi is running away from debate.

Earlier, responding to Kejriwal's challenge for debate, Kiran Bedi had said that she is ready for a debate, but will debate only on the floor of the House. She had also added, 'I believe in delivery of goals, programmes, vision, services, while Kejriwal believes in debates.'

Courtesy Niti Central

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