Kiran Bedi versus Arvind Kejriwal debate will have to wait till Assembly is convened

In a new twist to Delhi Assembly elections, the chief of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Arvind Kejriwal has challenged BJP's Chief Ministerial candidate Kiran Bedi to a public debate. The AAP chief in his tweet 'Congrats 4 being nominated as BJP's CM candidate. I invite u 4 a public debate moderated by neutral person n telecast by all, 'he tweeted.

However, the demand or the challenge as dubbed by many, has been politely declined by Kiran Bedi. She has reportedly said the AAP chief believes 'only in debates' while her focus was on delivery of services, and that she will debate 'on the floor of the House'.

The AAP leader said, 'It will be a good initiative for democracy if there is a debate between us on different issues. People vote in the name of religion and caste…they are not aware of issues. The debate, around one to two hours long should be on concrete issues.'

Kejriwal's call for a 'neutral moderator' for the debate is laughable since most of Lutyens Media has been rooting for him for weeks now.

Kiran Bedi did right by declining his request for a public debate as she has much catching up to do on the Campaign Trail rather than offer a Platform for Kejriwal to indulge in Theatrics as is his wont.

On being blocked by Kiran Bedi on Twitter, the BJP candidate said, 'it was 'polluting' one and she had blocked him more than a year ago as he was 'spreading negativity'. She reportedly said, 'I blocked him 15 months back when he called himself an anarchist. He was spreading negativity. Didn’t want my four million followers to see negativity… it was a polluting account'. Kiran Bedi, who named the Chief Ministerial candidate for the upcoming Delhi Assembly elections said all this after Arvind Kejriwal requested her to unblock him.

Given the filth AAP supporters have been spreading on Kiran Bedi in social media for months now even before she joined the BJP, it is no surprise that Kejriwal remains in the Twitter dog-house as far as Bedi is concerned.

Kiran Bedi will contest from the Krishna Nagar seat in East Delhi, considered a BJP stronghold as she takes the battle head on as the BJP's Chief Ministerial candidate for the Delhi Assembly Elections 2015.

Courtesy Niti Central

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