NaMo's 20 trillion dream for India

In Indian context, discussing and debating policies is seen as the forte of the intelligentsia or the politicians and the Government. The common man, whom those policies affect the most, is deliberately ignorant or has been kept aloof from the policies issues debate.

While fighting for rotikapda and makaan, we remain alienated from the very policies which determine how we can remove that ‘fighting’ from the equation.

Trying to fulfill this gap is what makes Narendra Modi stand out.

Unlike the fraternity of highly qualified policy makers from UPA era, who call aam aadmi the 'cattle class' and consider them only worthy of being ruled, Modi believes in participative governance. Instead of just making promises about what the Government can do for you, he also asks and suggests what you can do to facilitate better and transparent governance. After all, it’s about 'Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas'.

In his recent attempt to do the same, while highlighting the steps taken by the Government to promote growth, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought the cooperation of industry leaders, economists and aam aadmi in his address at the Economic Times Global Business Summit.

Assuring people that their inputs will receive his Government's highest attention, he acknowledged that the Government systems are complex and slow, and they need change and should become sharp, effective, fast and flexible.

Using a language without jargons, he went on to explain, in the most unambiguous way, his economic vision for the foreseeable future. While it will never be enough for the propagandists, the speech must have answered a lot of queries which have been hovering in the minds of those who gave him the massive mandate for better governance.

While emphasizing on his priorities - elimination of poverty and welfare of the people, he gave a clear picture of what his Government is doing right now and what it is planning to do to achieve the same.

He talked in length about minimum government, maximum governance, what Government should do, how he plans to deliver good governance, federalism, Niti Aayog, tax reforms, jobs, legislation and subsidies.

PM Modi's speech, inspiring and promising as it was, it will have to be matched with more decisive actions and demonstrating results. However, encouraging the right dialogue to establish solid foundations is indicative of what’s in the making.

Courtesy Niti Central


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