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Finally, the top cop and social reformer Kiran Bedi joined the Bhartiya Janata Party on January 15,2015, ending speculation of whether the most loved and respected IPS officer by all communities and sections whether she will also join the politics or not. she took the political world by surprise and clearly mentioning that she cannot see Delhi suffer anymore. On January 15, the national president of the BJP - Amit Shah formally took her into the party fold. After her formal induction, she thanked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for showing faith in her and her abilities.

Kiran Bedi who came into public life by introducing reforms in lives of prisoners of Tihar Jail, while simultaneously recommended several steps in making Delhi safe for women and elderly. Her most powerful journey being was joining Team Anna - to fight the corruption which was rampant under Congress’s Government both at the Centre as well as Delhi.

She was quite vocal about the sufferings of Delhiites under Sheila Dikhshit's regime and became anti-Kejriwal since his fallout with Anna Hazare over floating a political party - Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).  Now with she joining the BJP, she will be able to play a pivotal role in shaping up the future course of the BJP in delivering good governance to Delhiites.

In an exclusive interview to Niticentral, BJP spokesperson Sanjay Kaul said, 'With her joining the BJP, the momentum of the AAP has ended because she was also one of the pillars of the entire anti-corruption movement once they spearheaded adding that it clearly sends a signal that people who were supporting India Against Corruption Movement were actually standing with Kiran Bedi and were unhappy with Arvind Kejriwal's way of handling the entire issue. 'Moreover, its a very good thing which has happened to the BJP which will boost the morale of the party workers and cadre,' the leader said.

Kiran Bedi joins BJP – Will hurt Kejriwal

Kiran Bedi who has always been associated with common people's issues like corruption, inflation, poverty, security and community, has always come out with flying colours. In fact, Kiran Bedi in an exclusive conversation with Niticentral on PM Modi's recent address ahead of Delhi Elections, seconded him on making Delhi a world class city by providing clean air, electricity, water and even law and order. She said that Delhi will hugely benefit from this fact if there is the same Government in Delhi as well because it will help in better alignment and moreover, the Budget for several things including Police is released by the Centre itself. She said, 'If there is a same Government in Delhi also, then Delhi will progress adding that since Rajasthan and Haryana heve BJP Government therefore it makes all the more important for the Delhi to have the same Government with this even the NCR will also develop at a greater pace.'

She also spoke extensively about the Lokpal, Make In India and many other initiatives taken by Narendra Modi Government.

Narendra Modi's vision for Delhi - Kiran Bedi exclusive

Lauding PM Modi's efforts on 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan'- Kiran Bedi told Niticentral in which she was nominated by the PM Modi himself. She launched a sanitation drive in Bawana and made it free from the dirt which had accumulated in the city for the last one decade. 'She further said, 'he call for making India clean is a good way to make people realise their responsibilities. Therefore, even the public servants have to realise their responsibilities, earlier they used to say that they are short of staff or were reluctant to serve the people because they use to stay away from people but now, with PM Modi's call even they will have to justify their work because of the awareness spread by the Central Government.'

The former IPS officer also extensively spoke about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's diplomacy.

Kiran Bedi on Narendra Modi's Diplomacy

After Narendra Modi's US visit, she said, 'India's stature in the world has changed for better. Indians living abroad, who were earlier ashamed of corruption and poverty in India, are now proud of their country and this has happened due to Narendra Modi's efforts to take India places. In fact, the change could be seen after his speech at United Nations General Assembly which marked his arrival on the global stage as a Statesman.

She said, these measures and initiatives show how successful was PM Modi's US visit.

Further lauding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's initiative - Mann Ki Baat  which directly connects people with him, she said, 'This time Prime Minister Modi will be speaking about drugs.  Many regions of India, especially Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and the North East, are fighting the problem of drug addiction for long. PM Modi will focus on eradication of the problem and invited suggestions from the public also. Kiran Bedi has been working in the field since 1984 to make India drug-free. She even mooted a few suggestions which will help the Government to tackle this menace.

Narendra Modi's Mann Ki Baat on Drugs – Kiran Bedi speaks

In her interview to Niticentral, she said, 'Drug abuse, over the years, has gripped the State of Punjab, destroying its youth and their future. With a hope to eradicate this she even utilised the Twitter to reach out to the Punjab Government.' She says that she intends to help the State fight this drug menace.

Grassroot management can solve Punjabi's drug menace, says Kiran Bedi

On a question earlier last year on why will she vote for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she said, 'My vote for Modi, because I want development.' In this exclusive interview to Niticentral, the former IPS officer said, 'I don’t want my country to suffer anymore because of the rampant corruption and scams after scams which we all saw under the UPA regime.' I have a courage to say that he is my leader.'

Speaking extensively about Arvind Kejriwal in an interview last year, she said that it was a breach of trust and was only focussing on political career and was convinced that he was the next Prime Minister of India. She said, his political will hijacked the entire movement.

Kejriwal was convinced he is next PM, hijacked movement

However, now at the helm of affairs, Kiran Bedi will definitely try her best to provide Delhi what it deserves - a good Government along with good governance. And BJP will benefit with her coming into the BJP.

Courtesy Niti Central

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