Amit Shah lends new meaning to 'Going South'

… Driving growth with targets locked down

It is perhaps the first time in the political history of modern India that we have a party which even after winning an absolute majority in the Lok Sabha (2014 elections) did not stop by resting on its laurels but chose to appoint Amit Shah as the party president whose sole ambition is to make BJP stronger by demonstrating growth in hitherto hostile and impregnable territories.

The Modi and Amit Shah combine is like those legendary fast bowling pairs in the world of cricket which hunted in pairs and decimated opposition (Dennis Lillee & Jeff Thomson, Andy Roberts and Malcolm Marshal). While Modi in his elected capacity of the Prime Minister is singularly focused on transforming India into what it truly deserves, Amit Shah is singularly focused on ensuring that BJP keeps growing its membership and voter base.

Who would have imagined till recently that the BJP would emerge as the second largest party in J&K?

This is clearly a function of two key components of any strategic thinking, one the belief that we 'can do' and then relentlessly focus on the 'How' part. If it was not for Mission 272 + (as audacious as it may have sounded then) earlier and mission 44+ for J&K the BJP would not have accomplished what it has. Goal setting as they say is the beginning of a good strategy.

Amit Shah's binoculars for some time now are set on the South India and the same approach of setting a winning goal and then galvanizing the party machinery to achieve those appear to have been set in motion here as well. Let's delve into three key states:

Tamil Nadu:

The 40 seats of TN and Puducherry are of significant value. The atmosphere is ripe for the BJP to gain steady ground on account of a host of factors. The DMK is debilitated by internecine feuds within the family and the serious corruption charges that have led many in the DMK top echelons to the door are not lost on the people of TN. The AIADMK which by no counts is weak after having an impressive 37 seats in the 2014 lok sabha elections but now does have to contend with Jayalalithaa being implicated in the disproportionate assets case by a Bengaluru court and her limitations therefore to lead from the front. These coupled with the fact that there has been a swell of belief across India that we deserve good governance and a decisive brand of leadership to make India grow will only help the BJP gain greater traction in this State sooner than later.


Here again it is the potent combination of belief and good mathematics that is Amit Shah's signature tune that seems to have laid the ground for growth in the foreseeable future. In his recent visit to this State he pointed out to the party leaders and cadre that in the last general election in UP, BJP got over 50,000 votes only in 17 of the 80 seats whereas in the Kerala lok sabha elections this time the BJP got more than 50,000 votes in 19 of the 20 Lok sabha seats! And in the same UP he went on to win 72 of the 80 lok sabha seats is a testament to belief and prowess, both. With its vote share in Kerala increasing from six per cent in 2009 to 11 per cent in 2014, the BJP is planning to begin its battle for the State from the local body elections in October next year. BJP had led in 63 of the 100 wards in Thiruvananthapuram during the Lok Sabha polls.

Shah has asked the party to focus on the enrolment drive from November 1, target the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation next year as a precursor to Assembly polls in 2016 and aim for 17,000 of the 21,000 booths.


The BJP increased its vote share by 2.2 per cent in the 2014 lok sabha elections and this small increase translated to it winning 17 of the 28 lok sabha seats! Granted that the BJP has had a chequered history in this State after having come to power previously and then losing it but under the stewardship of Amit Shah and the brand of governance and leadership that Modi is already demonstrating, the chances of the BJP regaining ground appear bright.

The party unit here has stepped up its membership drive into the fifth gear post the recent visit of Amit Shah and has already crossed the 3 crore mark. The Siddharamiah led Congress Government is not helping itself by indulging in activities which have little to do with good governance and improving the fortunes of the State. The denotification of land in Akravathi layout appears to be a violation of court guidelines on several counts coupled with the rampant appeasement of minorities through schemes like shaadi sowbhagya are providing fertile ground for the BJP to regroup and regain .

If one looks at the larger interest of India as a whole, we need the Parliament to function in the best interests of the country and for that to happen it is necessary that the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha work in tandem. Unfortunately, the recent Parliament session witnessed an unusual ganging up of all Opposition parties to oppose every initiative for the sake of opposing.

Amit Shah's South thrust and his ability to penetrate and conquer difficult territories will not only help the BJP gain newer grounds but in due course will also change the contours of the Rajya Sabha thereby providing further fillip to Modi’s governance agenda.

'Going south' now has a new meaning and that is taking the country to greater heights!

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