ModiEffect - Tony Blair aide chronicles 2014 Modi Campaign

Not only Indian political strategists have been in awe of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's campaign for 2014 Lok Sabha election but also political strategists across the world. Lance Price, a British writer, journalist and political strategist impressed with the 'fascinating' story behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi's victory in general elections last year, decided to write a book on the campaign.

The announcement of the book has already created buzz in the political circles.

The new book titled 'The Modi Effect - Inside Narendra Modi's Campaign to Transform India' will be released by Hodder & Stoughton in the UK and Hachette India on March 12. In contrast to other books that also are based on Mr. Modi's 2014 Lok Sabha campaign, the book by Mr. Price is sure going to be the most detailed account of the real story of the campaign as he has based his account on 'exclusive access to Prime Minister Modi, his ministers and advisers'. He further added that,

'I hope that with the benefit of interviews with so many of those intimately involved in the campaign, 'The Modi Effect' can shed important new light on how the election was won - and the lasting impact it's likely to have on India and the world.'

Mr. Price was so impressed by the election campaign of Mr. Modi that he said that,

'Of all the elections I have ever reported on or taken part in, nothing compares to Narendra Modi's recent campaign in India. It was breath-taking in its ambition and its execution. The new Prime Minister is an intriguing character with a controversial past. The story of his rise from selling tea on trains as a boy to leading the world's largest democracy is a fascinating one.'

Lance Price used his experience as a former political correspondent with the BBC and as communications director for Tony Blair's Labour Party to bring fresh insight to the election campaign and the impact of Modi's victory both in India and across the globe.

Mr. Price on the occasion of the announcement of the book said that,

'India is going to become an even more important player on the world stage in the years ahead. We share a lot of history but our futures are intertwined too. And if we want to understand the new India, it seems to me we have to start by trying to understand Narendra Modi.'

The book will look at 64 years old Modi's rise, his unprecedented mass appeal despite the controversies surrounding him (including the West shunning him), and the pivotal role he will now play on the international stage.

'The Modi Effect' will reveal the inside story of the campaign - the most ambitious and innovatory ever seen in India or the world – which has lessons for politics in every democracy on earth, the publishers Hodder & Stoughton said in a statement.

Unlike all the other books on the 2014 elections that had to be “launched” multiple times this one is expected to bring out a never seen before view of the campaign from the backroom.

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