Narendra Modi's New Year Surprise to PMO Staff

It was a great start to the new year for the staff of the Prime Minister's Office as they were invited to tea by none other than the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

An official from the PMO said that everyone - starting from the principal secretary to the prime minister to the lower staff - was invited to the event at the Panchvati Auditorium in 7 Race Course Road.

Even when Mr. Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat he liked to interact with his staff members personally and would meet them for Gujarati New Year and other special occasions. He has carried this tradition forward after becoming Prime Minister. This is what sets Mr. Modi apart from others - he believes his team members are the foundation of good governance. He always sought their feedback and was keen to hear their ideas.

Another official pointed out that the arrangements for the evening had one chair for the prime minister to sit, but the PM in his usual disarming style decided to stand and mingle with everyone. He interacted with the staff members for almost 45 minutes.

Mr. Modi opened the evening by saying,

'Ask me anything that you like. I would love to share your thoughts and experiences over the last seven months.'

An officer from the Northeast cell said that the inbound mail from Northeast has shot up and there is tremendous enthusiasm in the region. The Prime Minister’s visit to Northeast in the first week of December with a focus on improving infrastructure and increasing tourism spread the spirit of integration in the region. He has become an extremely popular prime minister because of his message of good governance in an area which had been ignored in the past.

The PMO staff members were also really keen to discover what the Prime Minister eats, how much he sleeps and the secret behind the Modi Kurta. The PM answered all these questions in his trademark humorous style, leaving the staff members in splits. One of the staff members was curious to know when the Prime Minister takes a day off.

Another staff member said,

'We have an Urjawan PM linked with public opinion.' To this Mr Modi said, 'Jee jaan se judo, kaam se kabhi nahi thakoge.'

The PM added that what the people want is most important to us and no stone must be left unturned in fulfilling the people's aspirations.

The PMO staff were also very enthusiastic about Yoga Day which has been declared on June 21 and the Sansaad Adarsh Gram Yojana, an initiative launched by Mr. Modi where each MP has adopted a village for all-round development. The Prime Minister said that he has asked IAS officers to travel with their families to the place where they were posted first and see what has changed and what more can be done for the people there. This idea was widely appreciated by all those present.

Another question asked by a PMO staff member was on how they could motivate themselves.

The PM answered the question with a story. He said,

'A seven year old girl carried her three year old brother to the top of a mountain. There she saw a saint who asked the girl, are you not tired carrying your brother? The girl said no, he is my brother. The saint again asked her again, but are you not tired? The girl said no he is my little brother. He tried one more time and got the same answer. The message is that when you are carrying your brother on your shoulders you don't get tired. Similarly, when we are working for the hopes and aspirations of the people of this country there is no question of getting tired.' 

After the with interaction with the PM, they were in for a treat of scrumptious snacks. The PM carried on with the conversations through the high tea.

The personal interaction with the Prime Minister was greatly appreciated by the staff members and they were very honored that Mr. Modi always makes an effort to establish a direct connection with his team members. The mood was one of optimism and holiday cheer as one put it.

One official who has been in the PMO for years said that the PM also took photographs with each and every staff member. This was unprecedented in the PMO. The staff member said in private, 'We earlier met PMs when they came and when they left office. There is something special about this man.'

What a way to start 2015 for the Karmayogis of South Block - a special meeting with a special Prime Minister.

Courtesy Niti Central




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