Delhi Auto, Taxi Unions and Safai Karamchari leaders announce support for BJP

New Delhi, 3rd January.  In a press conference Delhi Pradesh BJP presented the election campaign vehicles before the press persons today. In this conference, the Chairman of Delhi Safai Karamchari Aayog Shri Raju Sarasar, Auto Union Leader Shri Sanjay Chawala, DPCC Secretary Shri Sunil Gulati, Eco Taxi Union President Shri Vimal Singh Rajput joined BJP alongwith thousands of their supporters in the presence of Pradesh Incharge and MP Shri Prabhat Jha, Pradesh President Shri Satish Upadhyay and National Secretary Sardar RP Singh. Former Councilor and BJP leader Shri Suresh Bhardwaj was also present in the press conference that was declared candidate from Wazirpur by AAP.

Pradesh President Shri Satish Upadhyay exhibited the Modi Video Rath to the press persons prepared for the forthcoming Assembly Elections. He said that the people will be apprised about the policies and achievement of the party through the audio and video Raths. These vehicles shall be sent to all the 70 Assembly Constituencies and give the message for supporting the party. These Raths may also be used as stage for Nukkad Meetings. Arrangement for microphone sets is also available in them. The party has made arrangements for video Raths in every Assembly Constituencies.

Shri Upadhyay said that today the Auto Unions have decided to play the role of the messenger of Modi by replacing the posters of AAP on the thousands of Auto Rickshaws. The leader of the Auto Union Shri Sanjay Chawla started this by removing the poster of AAP from one of Auto Rickshaws.

On this occasion Shri Prabhat Jha said that now no one can befool the people and the falsehood has been exposed. God does not forgive persons who cheat the poor. The AAP leaders made false promises and even today they are playing drama of various types. They adopted the policy of use and throw with many sections of society and now the people will throw them out. Shri Jha said that Delhi BJP will include the issues of the auto and taxi operators and its commitment to solve their problems in the election manifesto.

DELHI BJP FLAGS OFF PRACHAR RATH FOR THE ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS In this press conference Shri Sanjay Chawla said that the auto drivers union had submitted a charter of demands before the BJP and the party formed a team which met officers of Delhi Government and tried to solve their problems. The team met Police Commissioner and other officers and solved most of the problems of auto operators. Shri Chawla said that these operators had pasted lacks of posters of AAP on their Auto Rickshaws but AAP did nothing to solve their problems. The Eco Taxi Drivers Association also announced their support to BJP.

On this occasion the Chairman of Delhi Safai Karamchari Aayog Shri Raju Sarasar said that after meeting Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on the 2nd October, 2014, he felt that only BJP can work for the welfare of Valmiki Community. The Swacch Bharat Abhiyan of Shri Modi has enhanced the prestige of Valmiki Community.


 (Praveen Shankar Kapoor)

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