Meeting the entire PMO staff for the New Year

Past precedent:

Always very caring for Gujarat CMO staff. Met the staff for Gujarati New Year and other special days. A very touching gesture that is one of a kind.


The Panchvati Auditorium in 7 Race Course Road. A nice Delhi winter evening made more memorable by an event like this.


Right from the Principal Secretary to the PM to the lower staff. Very humbling experience for several staff members.


There was one chair placed but the moment the PM entered, in his disarming style he said lets form a circle of sorts and lets chat. He stood, like the rest of the team and there was an interaction for almost 45 mins.


PM said- Ask anything that you want. Share your thoughts. Share your experiences from the past seven months.

General consensus was- The mood is very optimistic, people have so many expectations and everyone feels a connect with the PM.

In a gentle way, highlight that things have reached a stage where every citizen wants to meet the PM directly. They find that their connect is with him, no one else can come in the way, such is the bond.

PM said that what the people say is most important to us and no stone must be left unturned in fulfilling the people’s aspirations.

An officer from the Northeast cell said that the letters from Northeast has shot up, there is tremendous enthusiasm in the Northeast.

PMO staff members were really keen to know what the PM eats, how much he sleeps and the secret behind the Modi Kurta. PM answered these questions in his trademark humour style, leaving the staff in laughter.

One of the staff asked when do you take a day off?

Another staff said- We have an URJAWAN PM linked with public opinion.


PMO staff was very enthusiastic about Yoga Day 21st June and Sansaad Adarsh Gram Yojana. They asked what can they do to contribute.

PM said he asked IAS officers to travel with their families to the place where they were posted first and see what has changed and what more can change. This idea was widely appreciated.

One question asked by PMO staff on what we should do to motivate ourselves.

PM spoke of Karma Yoga. Narrated a story, 'A 7 year old girl took her three year old brother on a mountain. There she saw a saint who asked the girl, are you not tired? Girl said no he is my brother. The saint again asked but are you not tired? The girl said no it is my brother. He tried one more time and got the same answer. The Apnapan is such that when brother is on shoulder nothing happens. No one gets tired. Similarly when we are working for the hopes and aspirations of the people there is no question of getting tired.

The staff then moved to sumptuous snacks where the PM joined them and continued the discussions.


PM took photographs with each and every staff member. This has been unparalled in PMO. One staff member said privately - we met PMs when they came and when they demitted office. There is something special about this man.

Courtesy Nti Central

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