Congress fails to dent Amit Shah

The BJP national president Amit Shah was the Home Minister of Gujarat when he was chargesheeted by the CBI for criminal conspiracy, destruction of evidence and offences under the Arms Act. He had to step down in 2010 and was arrested. He got bail after three months. In September 2013, the CBI chargesheeted him along with 36 others including police officers.

The infamous case of the alleged fake encounter of Sohrabuddin Sheikh and his wife has been a thorn in Amit Shah's foot for a long time although it hasn't been able to contain his political rise, as it might had been the intention of what a few would call - a politically motivated expeditionof the CBI.

On December 30, 2014, all the charges against him were dropped.

In a brief order pronounced in the Mumbai Court, Special CBI Judge MB Gosavi said, 'I am of the opinion that the inference drawn by CBI is not accepted in totality and he cannot be charged as an accused.'

The full details of the judgement aren’t available right now.

Of course just as one side of the political spectrum accuses that he was falsely implicated by the Congress-controlled UPA, the other side of the political spectrum says that he has been falsely acquitted due to the influence of the BJP-controlled NDA that is in power at the Centre right now. Predictably, the side that feels that the current verdict has more to do with the BJP in power and less to do with the fairness of the verdict, is going to get into an overdrive and you're going to get a treat of heated prime-time debates with panellists falling over each other and earning their regular buck in the process.

A little detail of the contention that was raised by Amit Shah in his Discharge Application: he had asked the court why Tulsiram Prajapati couldn't be killed in the same alleged encounter in which Sohrabuddin and his wife Kauserbi were killed, especially when the wife was killed because she was a eyewitness. If she was an eyewitness, so was Tulsiram and it made no sense that another encounter should be staged after a year to kill him and create more ground for suspicion.

The back story is that Sohrabuddin and his wife Kauserbi were picked (many media reports say 'abducted' but then why would a legal agency abduct someone?) by the Gujarat Police's Anti-Terrorism Squad in November 2005. Later on, according to the accusations, Sohrabudin, a gangster who had demanded protection money from a Gujarati builder on whose complaint he was picked on the first place, again according to the accusations, was killed in a staged encounter near Gandhinagar. His wife was allegedly killed because she was an eyewitness

But then so was Tulsiram Prajapati. Amit Shah has logically argued that if Sohrabudin was killed at his behest in a fake encounter and his wife was killed because she was an eyewitness, then so was Tulsiram. The people who killed the couple could have easily also killed Tulsiram. Why would they keep a key witness alive for such a long time, risking everybody in the process, needlessly?

Another contradiction raised by Amit Shah is the allegation over the manner he was said to be constantly in touch with those involved. He has said that instead of monitoring his calls two years before the incident and two years after the incident the CBI, in a motivated manner has simply focused on his conversations during those crucial days. As he was very close to the Home Ministry in the early 2000’s he was constantly in touch with not just those police officers, but many more. Taking into cognizance all these materials and the previous observations made by the Supreme Court, the CBI court has concluded that there is no reason for the case to go to trial.

The CBI has always been used as a political weapon by the Congress regime whether it was in trying to stop the Narendra Modi juggernaut or in keeping politicians like Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayawati and Lalu Parasad Yadav within control. Modi was subjected to the most nefarious witch hunting for more than a decade and he immerged unscathed and in fact, stronger. The more they tried to push him back, the more he gained. So when a stronger opponent cannot be contained, the enemy tries to hit at the comrades that add to the power of the opponent. Amit Shah is a master strategist and the Congress felt if he could be kept in jail, much of the BJP's power under Narendra Modi would be thwarted. In fact, if you are prone to believing the grapevine, even some in the BJP would have liked Amit Shah out of the scene just so that this could weaken Narendra Modi.

Unfortunately for all of them, this nefarious plan could not succeed.

Courtesy Niti Central


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