Jharkhand turns its back on cynical politics

Jharkhand has witnessed a historic mandate as the year 2014 came to a close. The verdict marks the end of political instability in the State. People of Jharkhand have voted for the BJP to put the State on the path of development and good governance.

The BJP won 38 seats in the 82-Member Assembly. BJP's coalition partner AJSU won 5 seats and NDA's tally has crossed the magic figure of 41 in the 82-Member Assembly in which one Member is nominated. The BJP won a whopping 32 per cent of the popular votes in the State.

The mandate has four underlying messages. First, ever since Jharkhand was carved out of Bihar in 2000, the State witnessed fractured verdicts, a string of coalition Governments and continuous political instability. In the last 14 years, Jharkhand has seen as many as nine Chief Ministers and three President's rule. This was precisely the reason Jharkhand continued to remain underdeveloped despite being endowed with 40 per cent of the mineral resources of the country. But this time voters of the State have taken a politically conscious decision by giving a clear mandate for the BJP.

Second, the victory in Jharkhand was necessary for the BJP to drive Prime Minister Narendra Modi's development agenda further. And people of the State have reposed faith in Modi’s development agenda and gave it a further push.

Third, apart from political instability, corruption was the other dominant issue in this election. The Jharkhand Assembly election is a fitting riposte to the parties like JMM and Congress which thrive on corruption. The JMM has only managed to repeat the 2009 Assembly election performance by winning 18 seats. The Congress’s tally could not touch the double digit. The party managed to win a measly 7 seats.

Fourth, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made his agenda for the States clear: When the States develop, the nation will develop. People of Jharkhand have been moved by this agenda.

Now, it is time for the BJP to rebuild Jharkhand. The State has immense potential. But there is a huge gap between Jharkhand's potential and performance. The new BJP Government in Jharkhand will have to address that gap and live up to peoples expectations.

Courtesy Niti Central


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