Memorandum Submitted By NDA Leaders to The President

Memorandum Submitted By NDA Leaders to The President

Respected Rashtrapati ji,

The nation is today deeply aggrieved and full of anger at this visible drift in the management of the country’s external relations.  We do not find it necessary to tax your time and goodwill by elaborating any great detail, principally because the issue presents itself starkly in two recent incidents:

  1. The murder of an Indian citizen  - Sarabjit Singh, in Pakistan, while in custody in the Kot Lakhpat jail of Lahore;
  2. The unilateral occupation of territory in the region of Depsang plains and Daulat Beg Oldie in Ladakh by the People’s Republic of China.

Permit us, Sir, to briefly to put across our view points on each of these two.


Sarabjit Singh, admittedly convicted and sentenced to death in Pakistan, had reportedly completed his sentence and had received a condonation of his death sentence, as it’s execution had been delayed for too long.   We are given to understand that he was due to be released but held back in Pakistan as a retaliatory gesture.

Respected Rashtrapatiji, Sarabjit Singh’s murder in the Kot Lakhpat jail, in Lahore, Pakistan could not have taken place without official connivance, at least of some authorities of that country.  What distresses us very greatly is the inaction of the Government of India, the Ministry of External Affairs and the concerned officials to not constantly have monitored this case and ensured his safe return to India.  We are persuaded to emphasise this because we hold that our Government’s inaction in this case cannot be condoned.  They owe the country an explanation and an apology.  They must provide it.


Mindful of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) being still under negotiations, hence undefined, yet, the manner of this recent incursion, or this arbitrary and unilateral breach cannot be viewed as normal conduct.  It is violative of agreed principles governing the conduct of forces of P.R.C in respect of the L.A.C.

We would like to emphasise, Sir, that only because LAC is undefined therefore, unilateral physical definition to it can be given through unilateral and forceful occupation of select sites or locations is simply not acceptable.  The Government and the Prime Minister have repeatedly announced that this is a “localized” incident.  May we submit this would tantamount to a disingenuous evasion of Government’s responsibility?

Even if ‘localised’, in D.B.O or Depsang plains, this manner of unilateral ‘localized’ actions, resulting in seizure of land, amounts to giving a forcible and physical definition to the LAC.   This simply cannot be accepted.

On this occasion, there is a need for us to recall a resolution adopted by both Houses of Parliament in the month of November, 1962.  Also to remind the government that silent acquiescence in the face of fait-accompli, whether of Pakistan, or China is unforgivable pusillanimity.  This is simply not acceptable.

The government must govern, or it must go.


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