Modi more popular than all his predecessors

Prime ministers of India in the past have gained some level of popularity, but for the first time, a Prime Minister is rewriting the very game.

A survey by the Central Board of Secondary Education, the National Unity Day observed on 31st October has left lasting impression on the hearts and minds of the youth of UP. 78,187 students from all over UP participated in various activities related to national unity and its promotion under this program. 69,820 kids sung the National Anthem together, 17,891 schoolchildren participated in march past, 6,986 created posters while 6,975 created collages.

Several parents said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's appeal affected not only their schoolgoing kids, but them too. The survey reveals that that the youth loves Modi's way of talking and his style. It has been the first time when a Prime Minister has established direct communication with schoolchildren. A few days earlier, Modi appealed to the youth of the country to let go of all forms of drug addictions and that too, has affected the youth a great deal.

Modi's appeal to school principals and management to observe two minutes of silence in the memory of the school kids massacred by Taliban Islamic terrorists in Peshawar (Pakistan), deeply affected the sentiments of the youth and all schools accepted the appeal.

UP BJP Minority Cell member Ashfaq Saifi said that Modi believes in inclusive politics and talks about 'Sabka sath, Sabka Vikas'. He does not believe that there are Hindu Indians and Muslims Indians. He only believes that every Indian is an asset to the country and should be protected and given equal opportunity to grow. That is what attracts the youth towards him. Modi's international image has attracted even the NRI youth living all over the world who have welcomed him with open arms wherever he went.

Social activist Deep Sharma says that Modi is probably the first 'Practical Prime Minister' of India who does not live in the seventh heaven and prefers to interact with the people of the country to form people-centric policies. That is precisely the reason why Modi has become the favorite of Young India.

Courtesy India Tomorrow.Co.

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