BJP ahead of Kejriwal's AAP in Delhi

BJP may get majority in Delhi if Assembly election is held. This has been said in a pre-poll survey conducted by India Today-CICERO poll.

The survey says that the BJP's tally could be between 34-40 in 70-member Assembly while AAP of former Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal could end up at second place with 25-31 seats. The Congress's tally is predicted to be between 3-5. Others may get two seats.

Unlike December 2013 Assembly election, the BJP has not yet announced its Chief Ministerial candidate due to which Arvind Kejriwal of AAP has emerged as most popular choice for CM post. As far as the BJP is concerned, so many names are making round for the top job in the national capital. If the party once announces its leader, only then electors of Delhi will be in a position to decide well whom to hand over reign of power.

The difference of vote share between the BJP and the AAP is 3 per cent. In the last election, the BJP had projected Dr Harsh Vardhan, now Union Minister, as its CM candidate and instead of all theatrics of AAP leader Kejriwal, the BJP came top in 2013 Assembly poll, but fell short of four seats from clear majority.

According to the survey, the BJP is predicted to poll 39 per cent while AAP may get 36 per cent of the vote share. Congress is projected to end up at third position with 16 per cent vote.

According to an earlier poll survey by ABP, which came on December 13, BJP could win 45 seats in the Assembly election, while AAP is likely to win in 17 constituencies.

In 2013 Assembly election, the BJP had won 31 Assembly seats while its ally SAD got one. Hence the NDA ended up with 32 Assembly seats, 4 short of the majority mark in 70 member House. Later, the AAP, which had got 28 seats formed Government with outside support of Congress but its Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's dramatics and his resignation within 49 days without any concrete reason disappointed electorates of Delhi. Its impact reflected in the Lok Sabha election when all the seven candidates of AAP lost election in the national capital.

This time Arvind Kejriwal is once again making similar promises like he had made in 2013 election and riding high on ambition to regain power in Delhi Though he is seen as most acceptable CM candidate, things will be clear after BJP announces its CM nominee.

Courtesy Niti Central

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