BJP National Spokesperson and MP, Shri Prakash Javadekar

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BJP National Spokesperson and MP, Shri Prakash JavadekarIt is the Government’s obstinacy which is causing logjam in Parliament. The attitude of the Congress is the same as it was evident during the Winter Session of 2010. In that session, the entire Opposition as well as some supporting parties were asking for the JPC into 2G Spectrum allocation. The Congress consistently refused to accept the proposal. The whole session was washed out because of obduracy displayed by the Congress. It accepted the JPC in the next session. If they would have listened to the saner voices in the very first week of the Winter Session, the JPC could have been constituted and the session could have run as well.

The Congress is exhibiting the same attitude in this session. The Congress is not asking their ministers to resign despite open and shut cases against the Railway Minister and the Law Minister.

The changes made in the CBI’s Status Report by the Law Minister and Jt. Secretaries of the PMO and the Coal Ministry are done with the clear intention of saving the Prime Minister. These are not mere technical changes as the Congress wants us to believe. These amendments were made with the sole political motive of providing a shield to the Prime Minister as he was the Coal Minister then. He had cleared each and every file on coal block allocation, a case being probed by the CBI.

The three deletions made are of paramount importance as these findings of the CBI could have actually nailed the Prime Minister. The findings which are deleted were connoted that there was complete arbitrariness in allocation of coal blocks. Our complaint to the CVC, which was referred to the CBI, rested upon three basic facts. First, the minutes of the screening committee did not contain the reasons for selection or rejection of any applicant. Secondly, there was no comparative appraisal of applications on merit. And thirdly, the Government deliberately kept the sword of competitive bidding hanging and went ahead with arbitrary allocations to the chosen few.

What is interesting is that the CBI, in its preliminary investigation, has found merit in our arguments and contentions. These are precisely the three finding in the CBI report, which were edited and deleted by the Government to save the Prime Minister.


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