Pawan Bansal and Ashwani Kumar resigns but the defiant PM remains

The rail minister Pawan Bansal and law minister Ashwani Kumar resigned or rather were forced to resign after the main opposition party BJP took an offensive stand against Congress and UPA government. The Leader of opposition Smt.Sushma Swaraj had demanded the resignation of the two ministers on the issue of corruption and remarks of Supreme court of India.

The BJP had stalled the parliament session but then the congress blamed them of wasting the public money. The Speaker LokSabha adjourned the house and immediately after this the two ministers were forced to resign.

The PMO is also feeling the heat of coal gate scam. The opposition is demanding resignation of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in coal gate scam. Despite the clinching evidence indicating involvement of Prime Minister in coal gate scam Mr.Manmohansingh is defiant enough to the call of opposition.


Rohit Kumar,New Delhi     


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