Amit Shah calls for Trinamool Mukt Bengal

BJP president Amit Shah asked the people of West Bengal to extend support to the BJP and uproot Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress in the upcoming elections.

'Mamata Banerjee asked who is Amit Shah. Didi I am Amit Shah, a BJP worker. I have come to Kolkata to uproot corrupt TMC from West Bengal,' Shah said addressing a massive rally outside Victoria hall in Kolkata.

'Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership, the nation is walking on the path of development. If you want to bring development to West Bengal you must completely uproot TMC and vote for the BJP in the upcoming elections,' Shah said.

The BJP president said the ensuing Kolkata Municipal Corporation election must set the course for a TMC Mukt Bengal.

'History is witness to it. In the past, it was Kolkata which started ‘paribartan’. So the ‘change’ in Bengal must start with Kolkata,' Shah said.

The BJP president said, 'Mamata Banerjee came to power with the promise of development in Bengal. The State which had seen 27-year-long misrule of CPM voted for the TMC in the last Assembly election with a new hope. But in the three and half year of TMC’s rule, the State has gone backward further.'

'Many big industries were closed. Unemployment is on the rise. Conditions of infrastructure have become worse,' he said.

Amit Shah said, 'West Bengal has intelligence and potential to be a developed State. The problem is that it lacks strong leadership. If you make up your mind to support the BJP, I can assure you that we will make West Bengal the No-1 State of the nation.'

Shah said Mamata Banerjee and TMC are rattled by BJP’s rise in Bengal. 'Massive crowd in the rally tells it all. TMC's time is ending in Bengal. BJP has already made a space in the heart of people of Bengal. Countdown of Mamata Government has begun.'

Hitting out at Mamata Government on Saradha chit fund scam, Amit Shah said, 'TMC MPs were protesting against black money in Parliament. I want to ask Didi, Saradha Chit fund money is black money or white money.'

'Didi says CBI has framed TMC leaders, I challenge her to say that those interrogated by CBI are innocent,' Shah said.

'The fact of the matter is TMC leaders were befitted from Sardha chit fund scam and Mamata Banerjee is desperately trying to save them,' he added.

On Burdwan blast, the BJP president said Mamata Government is trying to shield the blast accused, thanks to her vote bank politics.

'NIA not being allowed to work properly to probe Burdwan blast case because TMC leaders are involved. MamataBanerjee is raising federalism bogey to stall NIA probe on Burdwan blast,' Shah said.

'Saradha chit fund money was used in Burdwan blast. The CBI is investigating the matter,' he said.

The BJP president said TMC Government is busy protecting illegal Bangladeshis. 'The people of West Bengal have elected Mamata Banerjee as the Chief Minister. You are not the Chief Minister of Bangladeshi infiltrators. For vote bank politics, please don't compromise nation’s security. Stop giving them protection,' he said.

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