PM Narendra Modi to attend DGPs conference in Guwahati; terrorism, security to top the agenda

Terrorism and security will dominate the agenda when Prime Minister Narendra Modi attends the annual DGP conference in Guwahati this week.

Countering attempts of ISIS and Al-Qaeda to attract Indian youth and measures for security of the North-East region will be at the very top on the agenda of the Guwahati annual DGPs conference.

The Intelligence Bureau and Research and Analysis Wing will make presentations on the security scenario and emerging threats. In a change from concentrating just on the threat from the Indian Mujahedeen or Pakistani-based terror outfits like Lashkar-e-Taiyyaba (LeT), a separate session has been kept on developing a strategy to counter radicalization and thwart attempts to attract youth to ISIS and Al-Qaeda. The DGP conference agenda will also include steps towards creating a better security environment in the North-East region and widening citizen access to police services. Another crucial subject is tackling Leftwing terrorism through police response in rural areas.

Assam Director General of Police, Khagen Sarma said on Thursday that local militants, anti-talk factions of ULFA and the National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) are hiring jihadi operatives. The conference will also deliberate on the threat from jihadi terror outfits. Chief Ministers of the Northeastern states and Sikkim will be present at the conference, Sarma said, 'The 49th conference in Guwahati will take up militancy connected with jihad across the country. Around 35 companies of security forces are pressed in the city for the two-day programme to thwart threat from insurgent outfits,' he said.

'We have arrested nine operatives of Jehadi terror outfits. Local outfits like ULFA and NDFB are hiring from Jehadi terror outfit. Training module of jihad are there in West Bengal, Assam, and Bangladesh,' he said. The presentation by Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) at the conference is expected to focus on the international border issues with Bangladesh and Myanmar. Modi, Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Intelligence Bureau Chief Syed Asif Ibrahim will also be addressing the DGPs at the conference.

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