Mission Delhi: Amit Shah has new responsibility

After scripting stupendous success throughout the country, it has Mission Delhi for BJP President for Amit Shah.

The BJP national president has taken control of the party’s 'Mission Delhi' by assigning around 130 city partymen, including MPs, former legislators and councillors, the task of getting down to booth level intensive campaigning.

Amit Shah has particularly laid stress that each leader establishes links with at least 500 workers and submitting reports to the Delhi unit. Holding 3,000 jan sabhas in the shape of corner meetings ahead of the Assembly polls has also been laid down as a task.

'The next brainstorming session under Shah chairmanship will be held after about 10 days,' said a former legislator.

'We have been told to take Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to public places like hospitals, schools, temples or gurdwaras under each booth,' said another former legislator.

The BJP president has told party told leaders to quietly work on the ground, deliver results and avoid using the media to make false projections about their achievements, he said.

'For all the 12,000 booths, 10 party workers each will be activated. They will not only take the success story of the Modi government to people but also enrol at least 100 new BJP members,' said a councillor, who attended the meeting. 

'The final target is to enrol 25 lakh members,' said former Trinagar legislator Nand Kishore Garg. He said the exercise was aimed at laying a solid foundation for the party’s winning strategy in the coming Assembly elections.

A councillor said the party president has made it clear that each of the leader will maintain proper documentation on the activities he or she is undertaking.

Courtesy India Tomorrow.co

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