Coalgate,Railgate UPA is scamgate

Day by day new cases of corruption is being unearthed.The nation is outraged and shocked but the defiant UPA government and leaders of Congress continue with scam after scam.The nation is shocked by Adarsh ghotala,2G,3G,CWG,scandal in MNREGA scheme,funds meant for handicap were misused by minister,coalgate scam and now railgate.In a nation where farmers are committing suicide ,people are not getting water to drink,childrens are malnourished,womens die due to lack of medical assistance,defence forces moral are going down and their budget is curtailed after all this still the UPA government belives that corruption is their Janmsidh Adhikar.

The Primeminister is arrogant enough to save his ministers.Earlier also the Primeminister had defended Sh.Salman Khurshid whose NGO was involved in siphoning of funds allocated for distribution of equipments among handicap people and now also he is defending Railminister Pawan kumar Bansal.The kin of Rail minister was arrested by CBI for taking bribe of two crore rupees from a railway board member.The CBI had arrested Vijay Singhla and his accomplice in this connection when they delivered ninty lakh rupees at his Chandigarh residence.
Countrywide agitation is taking place but Congress high command is defending its minister.Congress President Smt.Sonia Gandhi and general secretary Rahul Gandhi claims that they want corruption free India but their deeds dont match their words.
The leaders of India had set very high standards of morality.Earlier Sh.Lal Bahadur Shastri had resigned as rail minister because of a rail accident .The BJP leadership forced Karnataka CM Yedurappa to resign on issue of corruption.But now the shameless UPA government is looting the nation and they are defiant enough to challenge the law.Our Primeminister and Congress President are backing corrupt ministers and are threatening the ally partners to continue support otherwise CBI will be used against them.
The nation has to decide whether they want corrupt UPA government or patriotic BJP led government in forthcoming elections.
                                                                                             Robin Sharma

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