Narendra Modi interacts with civil society groups at Fiji National University

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with civil society groups at Fiji National University. He talked about the importance of democracy in the world. He said that few have embraced democracy willingly and few are embracing them under pressure.

He added that he hoped that democracy in Fiji too flourish and that people’s mind and the systems in the nation also become democratic. He talked about the age being the age of knowledge and how in last 30 to 40 years mankind has made far more inventions and discoveries as compared to the progress achieved in the last 200 years.

The age of knowledge means that importance of universities will increase he said. He hoped that the new university will be able to provide solutions to the issues faced by the entire region and will change lives of common man.

He talked of efforts by his government in the last six months of assuming power in India. He said that India being a young nation the government is stressing on skill development. He talked of how talented Indians have left positive mark on the world including Fiji.

He talked about the importance of technology in the present age. He said that just the way literacy raised standard of living these days know how of technology raises the standard of living. He talked of his dream of “Digital India”. He also said that he wants to help Fiji become digital too. He also said that his government has decided to give tourists from Fiji visa on arrival in India.

He also said that India will give US$ 5 million to upgrade small or medium level industries in Fiji. He also said that his government will double the number of students from Fiji who will be eligible for scholarships from India.

He also committed himself to working towards climate change as like Fiji India too has long coastline and he said that exploitation of nature was not human right. He said that US$ 1 million fund will be set up for technologically upgradation so that nations can be protected from global warming. He also said that India will convert the Fiji’s Library of Parliament into e-library that can be accessed by anyone in the whole world.

He also proposed construction of a consulate in Fiji. He concluded his address by saying that he wanted that Fiji and India work unitedly as they say the same values of the world being one family. He thanked all for peacefully listening to him and wished that the university give out talented students who will be capable enough to work for the betterment of the mankind.

Courtesy Niti Central

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