Narendra Modi addresses Parliament of Fiji

Narendra Modi landed in Fiji at the crack of dawn local time. Prime Minister of Fiji Bainimarama was there to receive him.

On arrival the PM was welcomed in traditional way.

Newspapers of Fiji also welcomed PM Modi by giving him the entire front page.

PM Modi who is the first Indian PM to visit the island nation after a gap of 33 years signed three agreements to enhance development, cooperation and defence. PM wants to strengthen engagement in Pacific.

PM participated in the first meeting of Forum for India-Pacific Islands Cooperation in Fiji. The focus of the meeting was climate change, development and cooperation. PM Modi announced special Adaptation Fund for Pacific Islands and offered use of space technology applications. India is also to develop Pan Pacific Islands Project for telemedicine and tele-education. PM promised that India will enhance deputation of experts to Pacific islands and training of diplomats.

In his short speech while meeting Pacific Island Leaders in Suva, Fiji PM Modi said that he considered this day as very special for himself as well as for India. He said he was very glad to meet them all. He added that it was always on his mind to visit the Pacific islands and he was happy that very early on during his tenure as PM of India G-20 Summit in Australia provided him with an opportunity to visit them.

He expressed his wish to visit capitals of all Pacific islands. He said he was extremely thankful to them for sparing their valuable time and being there. He said that though the meeting was first of its kind between India and the Pacific Island Leaders it will definitely be not the last one. He said that it was the beginning of a new relationship between India and Pacific Island Leaders.

PM Modi wholeheartedly thanked the PM of Fiji for hosting the meeting. He said that he wanted to hear from them as to what India can do as the world’s largest democracy. He said that he would happily incorporate suggestions in the policies India frames in future.

PM Modi also held bilateral meeting with PM of Fiji and discussed ways to expand the partnership between the two nations.

In Suva PM of Fiji welcomed him and said that he was glad to welcome PM Modi who comes from the world’s largest democracy. He said that

'India has proved to the world that a developing nation can not only embrace democracy but can do so without selling its soul to any powerful world block.'

PM Modi began his speech by talking about how the people of Fiji had turned out just few months back to elect the representative for the Parliament of Fiji. He thanked the MPs of Fiji for the gift of allowing him to be present among them as too is a representative of people. He said that he wanted this occasion to be beginning of a new friendship. He said that democracy and diversity of society unites the two nations.

He said that both the nations share similar values and also that both the nations have women speakers in Parliament. He also said that Fiji is better in India that one in every seven MPs is women as compared to one in every nine MPs in India. He heaped praise on the people of Fiji and their Constitution.

'Both our nations have vested the power in people.'

'The roads you chose won you admiration around the world.'

He thanked the people of Fiji for hosting the scientists from India who wanted to track the Manglayan which successfully entered the Mars orbit on the first attempt.

'Our trade and investment have been modest. Yet there are examples of our cooperation that inspire.'

'We are prepared to work with you for a Digital Fiji.'

PM Modi said that as Fiji allows visa on arrival for tourists from India so will India allow visa on arrival for tourists from Fiji.

'Must make travel easier between two countries.'

PM also talked about the importance of climate change as both for India and Fiji it is not just a matter to worry but a matter of survival.

'Fiji is a leader in this region.'

PM concluded his speech by wishing that both the nations chart out such a friendship that ensures that it doesn’t take 33 years for an Indian PM to visit Fiji.

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