Narendra Modi in Sydney hails Australia for Dignity of Labor

Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a traditional welcome in Sydney. He was gifted a boomerang. 

New South Wales Premier Mr. Mike Baird met the PM and said that

'What I sense is that you bring great hope; the relationship is on the cusp of something big.'

The PM addressed Indian Diaspora at Allphones arena Sydney among loud cheers from the people. There was a rush for selfies and autographs as he entered the arena.

Australian cricketer Brett Lee was also present and shared his views with the constantly cheering crowd. Prime Minister met cartoonist Ramesh Chandra who was present to listen to Mr. Modi. An entertaining program kept the waiting crowd on toes.

The PM began his speech by telling all gathered that

'This welcome, this respect, this enthusiasm I dedicate it to the people of India.'

He said that it is his good fortune that he is the first PM of India to be born in Independent India. He added that it was not in his luck to fight for the freedom of India but he said he was proud that he is fortunate to be living for the motherland. He said we may not be fortunate to lay down the lives for the motherland but we all can sure live for the betterment of India.

He added that during the time when one can reach Australia from India overnight but it took an Indian PM 28 years to land in Australia. He assured the people that they will not have to wait for so long again. He said that Indians residing in any part of the world had as much right on India as those who are residing in India.

PM got loud cheers when he said

'Sydney is a beautiful city. Australia is a beautiful Country. We are also bound by the bond of cricket.'

He reminded people that Indian democracy is very strong and had it not been so how could he have ever been at the level where he is. He said that mother India is very strong as she has 250 crores arms to work hard for her. He quoted Swami Vivekanand and talked about his dream of seeing India as the 'Jagat Guru'. He said that visionary Swami Vivekanand cannot be wrong and that India will definitely reach the heights he had dreamt of.

He also added that in his very short term of six months he has realised that when all the Indians strive for India’s better future mother India has started blessing the efforts. He said that when all of us believe that India will not lag behind he sees no reason why India should stay behind. He said it is destined that India will move ahead.

He also talked about how the immigrants from India have made India proud by remarkable achievements and also by wholeheartedly accepting Australia as their land. He talked about all the heroes with Indian links who have brought glory to Australia. He said it was duty of Indians residing in various countries of the world to show love and loyalty towards the land they are living on.

He also talked about how the Indian diaspora across the world had waited for the results of Lok Sabha elections 2014. He said that they wanted to know if India will also be as developed as the land they are residing on. He said that Indian diaspora has always wished that India has all the basic facilities like water, electricity and proper sanitation facilities.

He told the cheering crowd that his aim is to do tasks that would uplift the lower sections of Indian society. He talked of how poor were not able to be part of banking system despite nationalising banks many years back. He said it was the reason why he declared on the 15th August 'Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna'. He informed people that within last 10 weeks 71 million bank accounts have been opened under the program. He said that despite giving them the facility for zero balance account they as yet deposited collectively more than 5000 crore rupees. He said the deadline he has given to the bank employees is 26th January.

He also talked about 'Swachh Bharat' program initiated from the 2nd October. He said that though it is very difficult task he undertook it as someone had to undertake it and be ready to face criticism too. He also talked about how he has undertook the task to build toilets across India. He requested the people gathered there to contribute wholeheartedly towards building toilets in their hometowns and keep it clean.

He said he has learnt dignity of labour which is ingrained in the people living here. He talked as to how Australians talk with the same respect with people who are into white collar jobs and blue collar jobs. He said that he wants that by cleanliness drive he wants to give dignity to the cleaners in India.

'Illness is a big burden on the poor. There is no greater service to the poor than focussing on cleanliness.'

He told the people about what the expectations they have from him and his government.

'I know that behind this affection lies expectations. Yes. We want to create the India you are dreaming of.'

'They were happy to make laws. I am happier to remove laws. Let’s open the windows let fresh air come in.'

He also talked of how he implemented all the promises that he had made to the people in US during his Madison Square Garden speech. This he said has increased their faith on the new government. He said he is someone who believes in finishing tasks in a time bound manner. He informed the people that he is working towards visa on arrival for people coming to India from Australia. This was cheered loudly by the people.

'The cultural centre here will be functional by February and this will happen.'

He ended his speech by thanking the people for showering their love and affection on him he promised that he will work hard to deserve the love they are showering on him. He said it was amazing that on a working day too there is such a huge crowd at the venue to listen to him and he also specially thanked all who had come by special train to be in Sydney to listen to him.

He requested people in his inimitable way to hail mother India. To which the crowd responded by loudly cheering 'Bharat Mata ki Jai.'

Courtesy Niti Central



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