Long Live Sarabjit

Long Live Sarabjit

After twenty three years Sarabjit came to his village Bhikhiwind in Tarantaran district of Punjab but he was noi more.In the year 1990 when he accidentally crossed the border nobody in India knew him but today in 2013 not only Indians but whole world knows about Sarabjit and attrocities he faced throughout his life in Pakistan.A 23 years young sikh jat, father of two daughters pleaded the Pakistani authorities that he is innocent. But the brutal Pakistani's not only framed him in false case but did'nt allow him fair trial also. The Pak authorities declared him as Manjeet Singh,man wanted in various bomb blast cases in Pakistan. Later on it was proved in Pak court that the person is Sarabjeet Singh and not Manjeet Singh. But this also was not accepted by Pakistanis. In Pak jail Sarabjit was subjected to torture and was threatened often. The Indian government was approached regularly by his sister Dalbir Kaur on this issue. The government was unable to break the logjam as the defiant Pakistanis were least bothered about the facts. They just wanted to kill him. Finally the coward Pak authorities and hardcore criminals in Kotlakhpat jail assaulted and killed Sarbjit Singh. After this attack for two hours Sarabjit was not given medical assistance and later on he was shifted to hospital. There also the doctors did'nt give proper treatment.Sarabjit fought bravely for twenty three years and the brave son of India succumbed to injuries on 02-05-13.

We have lost Sarabjit Singh and many more Indians may lose their lives in Pakistani jails, still our government and citizen of India continue business with Pakis. Now the time has come that we should stop all sort of business, relation with Pakistanis. Our government should cancel visa to artists of Pakistan. Until we do this Sarabjits soul will not rest in peace.  

May God Bless Sarbjits Family.


Robin Sharma 

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