Sonia Gandhi led Congress' petty politics over Nehru

In the wake of successive electoral drubbing, Sonia Gandhi's Congress believes it can revive the sliding fortunes of the party playing petty politics over Nehru. It is organising a two-day Nehru International Conference, starting from November 17, to commemorate India's first Prime Minister's 125th Birth Anniversary. The grand old party has invited 55 leaders, mostly from Africa and Asia. Interestingly, one name which is missing from the list is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This clearly suggests that the conference is purely a political one.

'We have not invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We have invited all those who truly believe in the spirit of democracy,' Anand Sharma, Congress deputy leader in Rajya Sabha and convener of the organising committee of Nehru International Conference, told a Press conference in New Delhi.

Congress doesn’t feel the necessity to invite the Prime Minister to the commemorative conference to mark the 125th birth anniversary of India’s first Prime Minister for it has reduced the Nehru conclave to a party function.

There is nothing surprising in Anand Sharma’s statement on the PM either. To the Congress, democracy has always meant the Gandhi-Nehru family - for the Family, of the Family and by the Family.

But what is ridiculous indeed is that the party  that imposed Emergency has the audacity to say it has invited all those ‘who truly believe in democracy’.

This is not only a gross disrespect to the democratically elected leader of India, but also an insult of the Indian democracy and We the People of India.

The Congress' anxiety to presever its monopoly over Nehru's Legacy is understandable. Over the past year from Gandhi to Patel, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone where no Congress leader had gone to date in commemorating their memory.

Thus the Congress is in a tizzy over Centre’s plans to commemorate Nehru’s 125th birth anniversary. The Government has constituted a National Committee, chaired by the Prime Minister, for the commemoration of Nehru's birth anniversary. The Centre is organising Bal Swachhta Mission in schools across the country between November 14 and 19, apart from a series of programs aim at increasing awareness about Chacha Nehru among the younger generation. This has sent Congress’s pulse racing. The party fears that Nehru could now be reduced to a childrens’ icon.

Congress sources admitted the conference aims at countering the Government on Nehru's 125th birth anniversary celebrations reminding us once again that at its heart, Sonia Gandhi’s politics is cheap and petty.

Through the Conference, the Congress also wants to revive the Nehruvian Socialism which means maximum Government and minimum governance and the rule of elite with a Left of the Centre tinge. Nehruvian Socialism is dying a rapid death in India with PM Modi charting a post Nehruvian course in more than one policy domain much to the chagrin of the Congress..

As India's first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru's legacy with its bright spots and its flaws belongs to all of India. Sonia Gandhi led Congress' pettiness in reducing that legacy to a family heirloom is yet another reminder of how low the party and its primary family have fallen since the 2014 defeat.

Courtesy Niti Central


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