Fake ID card racket behind Bangla immigrants' influx into Tirupur

Tirupur in Tamil Nadu, widely known as the hosiery capital of the world, is now in the news for becoming a centre for the influx of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

A fake ID manufacturing racket is suspected to be thriving in the Knit City with the help of gangs operating locally and from West Bengal. The easy availability of fake IDs, including voter identity cards and Aadhar cards, which are allegedly counterfeited in city, is helping the infiltrators settle down illegally as migrant workers here.

This came to light with the recent arrest of three Bangladesh nationals, who had found their way to the city after crossing international border via West Bengal and were caught without valid documents.

The knitwear hub is a major attraction for thousands of migrant workers, mainly from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Odisha and West Bengal, who end up in jobs in construction and knitwear production sector. However, several labourers from Bangladesh are also found to have made the Cotton City their home.

The trio arrested by Velampalayam police reportedly managed to secure a job in the garment manufacturing industry. Inquiries with their co-workers from West Bengal and others suspected to be Bangladeshis, threw light on the rampant use of fake identity cards. In a similar catch Mumbai police had recovered many fake cards and machines few months ago.

According to a police source, the counterfeit ID cards are manufactured with materials like stickers and printing items sourced from the city itself. The gang suspected behind the racket reportedly operates from Tirupur and West Bengal.

'The Bangladeshi nationals replicated original IDs from West Bengal after altering the name, photo and numbers. Using these, they secured jobs in knitwear industries in Tirupur, which have shortage of manpower,' the source said.

Police said the trend not only encouraged infiltrators from Bangladesh to settle down in Tirupur, but also helped absconding criminals find hideouts by masquerading as migrant workers.

Passport and visa counterfeiting is also reportedly done in the city. 'Police have also received information on production of fake passports and visas in Tirupur used by Nigerian nationals,' a police source revealed, adding that the law enforcement machinery was keeping checks on the trend.

Courtesy India Tomorrow

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